SAP Provides 11 e-business Solutions for SMB

Jakarta, IndonesiaSAP through its six local partners offers 11 e-business solution for small and midsize businesses with investment of US$1 million.

Singgih Wandojo, senior solutions manager of PT SAP Indonesia said the local partners develop SAP based technology specially designed for SMEs.

“We’ve got 11 solutions for seven industries of small and midsize business [SMB]. SAP would support by providing a special team for the segment,” he said yesterday adding that the seven industries perform in consumer product, packaging, retail, distribution, textile, automotive, and pharmacy.

He further explained SMB makes up 50% of SAP clients globally. IDC reckoned SMB market in Asia Pacific grows by 18.5% in average per year until 2004.

SAP six partners are PT Astra Graphia Plc, PT Metrodata Electronics Plc, PT Integrasi Mitra Ciptakarya (IMC Consulting Alliance), PT Magnus Indonesia, PT Konsulindo Informatika Perdana (Perdana Consulting) and PT SDI Technologies.

They would all be provided with technical support from SAP partner in Indonesia, PT Cisco Systems Indonesia, PT Hewlett-Packard Indonesia, PT IBM Indonesia and PT Sun Microsystems Indonesia.

SAP would soon launch solution for garage and chemical industry.

“mySAP All-in-one concept launched previously allows our client to deal with only one of our local partners,” he said. Where hardware services and maintenance are included in the package

Singgih explained SMB carries different characteristic from big corporate that they need different solutions and implementation method as well.

Providing the potential market in the SMB segment, Sun Microsystems has aggressively explored the sector. They target a 25% growth in sales to SMB until the end of the year.

Wibisono Gumulya, Marketing Director of PT Sun Microsystems Indonesia said SMB has been demanding the service since early this year.

“We deem SMB sector as imperative to generate growth of 2.5% to three folds above industrial growth, or 20% to 30% this year,” he said to Bisnis yesterday.

He elaborated further 20% of Sun customers are of SMB performing in manufactures, retail, media, and consumer product while the other 80% are of corporate.

SMB demand is increasing in this quarter though sales value is still far below corporate. Sales from corporate sector – primarily telecommunication and banking sector – in this quarter grew by 20% with transaction value of above US$500.000 in average. (dss).