SAP Spreads Seeds in Higher Education

SAP donates SAP Business One Chinese version to 7 universities

BeijingSAP today announced it will donate SAP Business One Chinese version to 7 Chinese universities participating in its “Seed Plan”, at the product launch event themed “Illuminating a New World of SMB Informatization”. The 7 universities include Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Southwest University of Finance & Economics, Shanghai University and Jinan University. The donation of SAP Business One Chinese version will assist the universities with education and research work, constituting another milestone in SAP’s China “Seed Plan” which was launched in 1996.

The donation will increase the research scope of management software for large enterprises to cover those for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as increase the student audience which is currently MBA and graduate students only.

As an active participator and supporter of the China knowledge innovation project, SAP commenced the “Seed Plan” in 1996 by cooperating with Chinese universities and research institutes in order to study business management in China and foster the business administrators of the future. SAP senior consultants also conduct joint seminars and workshops with universities and research institutes to discuss the latest developments and trends in the business management field.

The SAP “Seed Plan” initiative is an investment in long-term development which will assist the next generation of business leaders in acquiring world-class management perspectives and experiences.

“The ‘Seed Plan’ aims to foster badly needed talents in China’s IT industry by initiating collaboration between universities and SAP, and establishing cooperative relationships between the education and business sectors,” said Klaus Zimmer, president of SAP Greater China. “It is our hope that our students master industry technologies, along with business management and operation skills, in order to further push the application of information technology in Chinese enterprises upon graduation.”

The donation of SAP Business One Chinese version at the release event is an initial step in SAP’s long-term commitment to develop China’s information technology talent. This commitment will be demonstrated further, as more universities and research institutes benefit from the program.