SAP Selects Singapore as Global Launch Market for SAP Best Practice: Shared Services

SAP Makes Further Commitment to its Singapore Operations Following the Presentation of the International Headquarters Award (IHQ) by EDB
SAP’s SMB Solution Strategy Continues to Deliver Real Value to Singapore SMBs

SingaporeSAP, the world’s leading provider in business software solutions, today announced that it had been awarded the International Headquarters Award (IHQ) by the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore. The IHQ award was given to SAP in recognition of the company’s commitment to Singapore. Singapore will also be the global launch market for SAP’s Shared Services Centre in Asia Pacific.

In the last five years, with the support of SAP’s Executive Board, SAP has invested EUR 50 million in its operations in Singapore. SAP announced it would continue to significantly invest to further develop Singapore as a regional hub for all its customers. SAP has played a major role in the business software industry in Singapore since 1989.

“Singapore promotes a spirit of innovation and technology leadership and has a world-class infrastructure. All of these attributes are critical to SAP’s expansion in Asia Pacific,” said Mr Leo Apotheker, president, global field operations, SAP AG. “As a leading business software provider, we are constantly challenging ourselves to create the right climate for innovation and creativity, as this is paramount to our success. We are extremely honoured to receive the International Headquarters status from the EDB. This status bears witness to our commitment to enhance the value and support we deliver to our customers in Singapore”.

Mr Ko Kheng Hwa, Managing Director, EDB said, “SAP’s IHQ is a strong testimony of Singapore as a premier HQ location in Asia. SAP’s major investment in expanding its shared services centre reflects Singapore’s competitive edge in hosting shared services, excellent IT capability, great infrastructure and fine reputation for trust and reliability. There is tremendous growth potential for shared services in Asia and EDB is actively promoting this sector in Singapore”.

Singapore – The Global Launch Market for SAP Best Practice: Shared Services
Further reinforcing the importance of Singapore to its operations, SAP announced that the country has been designated as the launch market for SAP’s Shared Services Centre in Asia Pacific. SAP Shared Services will form the cornerstone for SAP’s business innovation in Singapore and the region. The regional APA Shared Services Centre (APA SSC), based in Singapore, will boast a variety of consolidated and qualified resources that cover 12 subsidiaries in Asia Pacific for software contracts administration, human resources and payroll administration, education administration, consulting administration and finance and administration. Other regions in SAP are now exploring the feasibility of the Shared Services Centre concept in their markets based on the best practices established in Singapore.

“SAP will continue to deliver integrated solutions and value-added services that will allow us, and our customers, to stay competitive in today’s business environment,” said Mr Colin Sampson, CFO, SAP Asia Pacific. “We have invested millions of dollars to set up the APA SSC in Singapore and we believe this investment will bring about substantial benefits and value to our customers. The SSC will significantly enhance corporate governance by ensuring more efficient and effective risk management and realise real cost savings of up to 40 percent of the annual operating cost. SAP will also showcase our best practice learnings to our prospects and customers, so that they too can run their businesses more efficiently, resulting in stronger profit margins”.

The APA SSC will see an exciting growth development. By 2005, SAP plans to double the number of SSC-focused employees and the shared services process will expand to include many other functions such as demand generation for education services and facilities management.

SAP’s Continued Commitment to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) in Singapore
Following the launch of SAP’s SMB strategy for Singapore in May 2003, SAP continues the momentum to deliver value to SMBs through affordable, individually configured, micro-vertical solutions that combine SAP’s best practices with its SMB partner’s best practices. SAP is also working with non-IT companies that possess unique and deep domain expertise in their businesses, to ‘productise’ their knowledge through mySAP All-in-One solutions.

“One of the hallmarks of successful Singapore SMBs is their unique combination of global best practices and local adaptations honed through competing in the Asia Pacific markets. These companies, who may or may not be SAP customers, have unique Intellectual Property that they could ‘productise’, tailor to businesses in their own micro-vertical and deliver via software solutions that are world-class,” said Chan Wai Leong, managing director, SAP Singapore.

“Our intent is to work with them to ‘productise’ their unique knowledge through mySAP All-in-One, and then to help them bring these solutions to market not only locally, or regionally but also globally. SAP sees this as a very important contribution as part of our participation in the Infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme (iLIUP) ,” added Mr. Chan.

SAP will continue to work with Singapore’s local infocomm companies to develop solutions for SMBs as part of the Infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme.