Sap Business One Wins 2 Top Awards

Channel Choice Award 2003 and Most Valuable Product/Solution Editor’s Recommendation Award 2003

BEIJINGSAP Business One (Chinese version) provided by SAP, the world’s leading provider of enterprise management software and collaborative business solutions, recently won two top awards – Channel Choice Award 2003 and Most Valuable Product/Solution Editor’s Recommendation Award 2003, selected by Computer Product and Circulation. These authoritative awards, highly respected within the channel community, clearly illustrate the success of SAP Business One (Chinese version), which was launched only three months ago.

“We are delighted to win the top two awards, which demonstrate the success of SAP Business One (Chinese version), acknowledge the growing maturity of the SMB market, and encourage us to develop better products and offer more comprehensive services. We are grateful for the confidence that our channel partners have placed in us,” said Mr. Daniel Huang, Director of SMB, SAP Greater China . “SAP has established close cooperative relationships with its channel partners, developed a complete 3-tier structure composed of distribution service partner, solution center and ISV, delivered SAP Business One (Chinese version) to SMB customers all over the country through the powerful distribution channel in a faster way that is closer to customers, and provided customer with services supported by excellent local vendors in China.”

Over a period of three months, the 4th annual Channel Choice Award channel survey collected a multitude of samples from 24,000 questionnaires returned by 6,000 channel partners in 33 cities throughout the country. The data gathered, ranging from product quality to channel management and service standards, was used to assess finalists in the Channel Choice Award. 22 items in the survey focused on evaluating channel coverage and management quality, in addition to reflecting the current condition of all kinds of products. The Channel Choice Award evaluates levels of satisfaction with supplier’s channel management policies, as felt by channel partners. The award is considered an important guide for partners in their choice of products and suppliers. It also provides suppliers with a scientific, objective means of establishing, implementing and improving channel policies.

Channel partners chose SAP Business One (Chinese version) for a number of reasons – the promising future of the SMB market, the product’s excellent performance standard and SAP’s ability to instruct customers in the practical application of the product and provide immediate technical support and service for the future software upgrading. 70 research professionals at SAP (China) utilizing 30 years expertise in enterprise management development to design SAP Business One (Chinese version). The product provides SMBs with a complete long-term business solution that significantly decreasing TCO.

The 2003 sponsor of the Most Valuable Product/Solution Editor’s Recommendation Award 2003, Computer Product and Circulation magazine, attracted the attention of many channel readers and suppliers. With a focus on comprehensive capability of product profitability, the magazine conducted a marketing campaign that identified and recommended products that offered the greatest benefits for customers.

The award-winning SAP Business One (Chinese version), specially tailored to SMBs and large enterprises in China, was designed to address increasing market demand, help unlock expanded resources and provide an effective communications management tool for customers, suppliers and employees that enables higher ROI. SAP Business One (Chinese version) boasts a range of advantages, which include user-friendly operation, faster implementation, seamless integration, comprehensive business functionality, open interface and friendly users interface, and the potential for total integration with other SAP solutions.

“SAP’s approach to the SMB market is to work with channel partners and deliver value-added development. It is our goal to utilize our industry expertise and wealth of management experience with a powerful SAP technical platform to build SMB application solutions for a variety of fields, thereby eliminating the limitations imposed by the division of industry and sector, ” said Mr. Huang. “We will join hands with our channel partners to drive SMB informatization in China.”