SAP Asia and RWD Expand Learning Solutions Offering with Genovate

Genovate to Deliver SAP and RWD Learning Solutions to 10 Countries in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORESAP Asia and RWD today announced that Genovate Solutions Pte Ltd will now incorporate SAP Learning Solutions in its product portfolio in 10 countries across Asia, excluding Australia, New Zealand and Japan. This acquisition covers all the assigned territories, which, for RWD products, is inclusive of the Middle East – GCC (Gulf Cooperative Council) and places Genovate as the prime distributor for both SAP and RWD learning solutions software in these territories. With the acquisition, Genovate will manage the Learning Solutions business, including existing customers, learning solutions professionals and future business developments in the pipeline. SAP Asia and RWD Technologies were formerly joint owners of SAP Learning Solutions, which deliver end-user solutions to SAP customers throughout the region.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to deepen our ongoing relationship with Genovate across the region,” said Robert Armstrong, senior vice president, Education, SAP Asia. “With this enhancement to our relationship with RWD and Genovate, our customers are assured they will continue to receive the best learning solutions to meet their needs throughout Asia and will further extend our presence in the learning solutions sector. Genovate’s strong service capability, coupled with their deep understanding of change management and knowledge transfer, will be enhanced through the acquisition of SAP Learning Solutions capabilities, strengthening their value proposition to their customers.”

Headquartered in Singapore, Genovate offers business solutions, product development, Enterprise Scale IT training and education services. The company is SAP’s training partner in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the western states of India, and generates a significant portion of its revenue from SAP-related activities including training, consultancy and maintenance. Genovate is also an SAP channel partner for the customization and delivery of SAP Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses in asset-intensive industries like Heavy Machinery and Equipment, Transport, Construction and Auxiliary Transport Services. Working with SAP and SAP’s Technology Partners, Genovate provides SMBs with solutions to track the complete lifecycle of strategic and physical assets including planning, deployment, maintenance and retirement.

“This three-pronged alliance with SAP and RWD is part of our strategy to grow our business in the region and reinforce our commitment to our customers. By working closely with SAP’s field teams in each of the 10 Asian markets, we can tap onto their global best practices and local knowledge, as well as RWD’s expertise in end-user training and performance solutions. Working together, we will deliver products and services which will increase our customers’ productivity and improve their return on investment,” said Anton Ravindran, CEO and co-Founder, Genovate Solutions.

“We are pleased to embark on a new relationship with Genovate,” said Dr. Robert W. Deutsch, chairman and CEO, RWD Technologies. “The relationship supports RWD’s core mission of bringing people and technology together. RWD and Genovate are proactively solving one of the most challenging human performance issues in today’s enterprise – helping users rapidly learn new software technology and use its power to improve business performance.”

RWD will focus on key Asia Pacific markets including Australia and Japan. The company will continue to work with SAP in the development of User Learning Solutions globally, and is SAP’s preferred partner for end user training and performance solutions. The alliance between SAP and RWD has already resulted in the successful support of more than 300 customers globally with end-user products and services.

SAP Learning Solution delivers customized, collaborative learning across the extended enterprise – to employees, partners, and customers. It offers a blended learning solution that supports both traditional classroom training and modern e-learning methods. SAP Learning Solutions also consists of Analysis and Planning Services, Change Management Services, Human Performance Improvement, Solution implementation and User Training and Performance Support Services.

About Genovate
Genovate Solutions Pte Ltd was established in Singapore, and is currently a market leader for Business Applications and Software Solutions/ Consulting; as well as a provider of value-added educational programs and quality training services in this region. Genovate also has offices in Malaysia, Korea, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Genovate’s Consulting and Solution Partners include: SAP, IBM, Sun Microsystems. The synergy Genovate has created by leveraging on the power of these valued partnerships is unprecedented when it is viewed in relation to its competitors. Genovate is the partner with SAP for training in Singapore and Malaysia and the Western States of India. Genovate’s solutions development clients have included some of the premier businesses in this part of the World, namely Standard Chartered Bank, the Business Financial Services Group, SemCorp, HBO, The Economist Magazine, Fujitsu, Hitachi, and various other MNCs.

About RWD Technologies, Inc.
RWD Technologies is a professional services and products company with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, which provides a broad range of technology solutions to the business problems confronting Fortune 1000 companies. RWD has three operational segments: Performance Solutions, Enterprise Systems, and Applied Technology Solutions. Established in 1988, RWD has approximately 700 employees located in 13 offices in the United States, four offices in Europe, two offices in Canada, one office in Japan, and one office in Australia. RWD provides services that increase productivity and reduce operating costs for companies in more than 20 industries. Information about RWD can be found at the corporation’s Web site: www.rwd.com.