PT. Arisamandiri Pratama gears up for expansion with MySAP All-in-One

Indonesia’s leading plastic molding company focuses on Improving Internal Efficiencies and Customer Value with FastPack, a mySAP All-in-One Solution for the Plastic and Packaging Industry

Jakarta, IndonesiaPT. Arisamandiri Pratama, one of Indonesia’s leading plastic molding companies, today announced that it is implementing Metrodata’s FastPack, a mySAP All-in-One solution for the plastic and packaging industry, as part of its growth strategy to increase its market share in the competitive plastic manufacturing industry. With the goal of becoming Indonesia’s market leader in their industry within the next five years, PT.Arisamandiri Pratama plans to aggressively expand its local and export customer base. To achieve this, the company is upgrading its IT landscape.

“When we discovered that the power of a SAP solution is now available for SMBs at an affordable price and which could be implemented quickly, we simply had to grab the opportunity,” said Mr. Mathius Tan , V.P. of Business Development of PT. Arisamandiri. “Our previous systems were not integrated and prevented effective data consolidation and decision-making. In addition, it was very difficult for us to identify problem areas and inefficiencies. With SAP we expect to be able to make sound decisions quickly, take immediate action to solve problem areas and cut costs, thereby helping us deliver more value to customers and gain a strong competitive advantage.”

Mr. Mathius Tan further informed that the company considered several other software vendors including BAAN and Mfg Pro but decided to go with SAP . “SAP seemed like a natural choice for us. Considering that the majority of FORTUNE 500 companies are using SAP, we felt that doing the same would take us to the right direction.”

PT. Arisamandiri is implementing a number of key modules of FastPack, including Material Management, Financials and Costing, Sales& Distribution and some part of Production. On their decision on Metrodata’s Fastpack , Mr.Mathius Tan explained that Metrodata shared their passion to grow. “We felt that Metrodata truly understood us, and this is a major plus point ” he added.

Established in 1979, PT. Arismandiri Pratama is known as one of the most comprehensive plastic injection molding companies in South East Asia with extensive distribution network in all of Indonesia, much of East Asia with export destinations in America, Europe, Japan and Australia. Their products include among others Electronics, Battery Operated Products and Housewares. They count among their buyers such big names as TCL-Thomson, Yamaha, Panasonic and other major brands. They are an ISO 9001-2000 accredited company and employ more than 5,000 staffs.