Bank Niaga Improves Customer Service with mySAP Business Suite

Bank Niaga sees a significant improvement of Customer Service just five months after implementing mySAP™ Business Suite

IndonesiaPT. Bank Niaga, Tbk today announced the successful implementation of mySAPTM Business Suite comprising of the Performance Management System (PMS) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) modules. With this implementation, Niaga is realizing significant improvement and change in the bank’s operations. The initial benefits to Bank Niaga are increased business operation visibility, particularly in their access to customer data and business performance. This improvement will increase their level of service and value to Niaga’s customers. The implementation is a part of Bank Niaga’s strategy to achieve their 2007 Vision and their response to the current and future business challenge in the banking industry. SAP is not merely seen as an IT vendor or provider of IT assistance, but as the bank’s strategic business partner and advisor in managing the change that occurs as a result of the implementation.

The initial implementation of PMS provides the bank with insight to the performance and profitability related to specific individual customer or groups of customer, organizational units within Niaga and its product offerings. With the improved knowledge to Niaga’s business operation, management will now have clarity and control over the necessary strategy needed to realize its 2007 vision. Niaga will also be implementing SAP Strategic Enterprise Management – Budgeting and Planning tools, and Performance Management, which will link its 2007 vision strategy to its business operation. The initial phase of the budgeting and planning module is scheduled to go live by the end of June 2004.

On the Human Capital Management front, Niaga has successfully implemented 11 key HR modules of SAP since March 2004. It has been proven that SAP HR solution is capable of integrating Niaga’s HR unique requirements through a single enterprise platform that will eventually link each resources to the performance management system and KPI of 2007 vision. The implementation has brought the bank and its staff an array of benefits: firstly, it will assists the bank in achieving their corporate goals through accurate HR data which is now readily accessible by Niaga’s management team. It will also provides relevant data and information related to Niaga’s branch and support operation and visibility to resource information and utilization. With visibilty to Niaga’s resource utilization, the bank can now optimize the productivity level. This will further improve their knowledge levels, training and service capabilities, thereby improving productivity and overall costs. Finally, it will motivate Niaga’s resources to deliver service excellent, as their performance are accurately documented and reviewed.

After the HRIS implementation, important HR information can be accessed quickly, accurately and efficiently in an integrated manner. The solution is supported by sophisticated technology and security system. “Our choice to implement mySAP Business Suite, especially SAP Enterprise Management solution for Banks, has given Niaga important benefits. Within just five months, Niaga is now able to manage its resources much more efficiently, greatly improve visibility of customer data and improve customer service,” said Andi Mohammad Hatta, Executive Director of Bank Niaga.

To achieve their objectives, in line with Niaga’s 2007 vision to become one of Indonesia’s top five banks by the year 2007, Niaga understands that the implementation process entails a high degree of commitment, cooperation and hard work of each team member including the management team. “When implementing an application, there are a number of critical factors that must be considered, including a strong commitment from the management team, highly dedicated team members, intensive communications regarding all the change, quickly addressing and solving issues that arise, a reliable IT infrastructure, implementation of SAP Best Practices without modification, and availability of accurate data,” explained Krish Datta, Managing Director of SAP Indonesia.