PT. KDKI Installs SAP® Business One to Accelerate Growth

PT.KDK Indonesia, one of the top five sales and distribution companies for ventilating and electric fans in Indonesia, focuses on productivity by installing SAP® Business One

JakartaPT. KDK Indonesia (KDKI), a wholesaler for electrical products such as ventilating fans, electric fans, ceiling fans, air curtains, hand dryers, today announced that it is implementing SAP® Business One, SAP’s affordable and easy-to-use solution for small and midsize businesses, as part of KDKI’s growth strategy and to enhance efficiency and productivity across its organization. The investment of US$24,000 includes license for six professional users and three customer relationship management (CRM) users, hardware, implementation and training. The implementation is done by PT.Elnusa Multi Industri Komputer.

“After attending the SAP Business One Launch in Jakarta, we were excited. We found a highly reliable solution from a global leader at such an affordable price,” said Hendriek Suherman, President Director, PT. KDKI. “Although we had not planned nor budgeted for the software upgrade within this year, we just had to grab the opportunity!”

PT. KDKI’s existing enterprise system failed to meet the company’s growing demands and presented a number of problems including inaccuracies in the reports generated. With SAP Business One, information from customers, the sales force, suppliers and business managers is linked to other business information, so that reports and sales information are always accurate and up-to-date.

The company had considered another international software vendor but chose SAP in the end. “SAP as a brand promises unquestionable reliability, and we wanted to minimize risks,” he explained.

As one of the top fan distributors in the country, the company can now be assured that its entire resource system can keep up with its growth ambitions. “With increased productivity and efficiency brought about by SAP Business One, we will become more competitive and accelerate our growth,” Hendriek concluded.

This marks Indonesia’s first SAP Business One deal after the solution was launched in May 2004 and is expected to spearhead a significant number of SAP Business One deals in Indonesia until the end of the year.