SAP Introduces Integrated CRM Capabilities for Small and Midsize Businesses

SAP® Business One Redefines CRM as Part of Core Business Processes

SingaporeSAP Asia Pacific today announced the integrated CRM capabilities in SAP® Business One, its affordable and easy-to-use solution for small and midsize businesses (SMB). SAP Business One combines customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities and comprehensive business management tools in a single software solution. SAP Business One is available to SMBs in the Asia Pacific through SAP’s Business One distribution partner channel. SAP Business One makes CRM functionality an intrinsic and fundamental part of core business automation — not a discrete silo of customer information. This relieves small businesses of the need to purchase separate products; maintain costly, patch-work integrations; or utilize different user interfaces. The SAP Business One solution also includes a new software development kit, offering solution partners one of the most advanced development environments available in the SMB space.

“Small businesses don’t have the time, money or resources to cobble together solutions that offer limited integration and prevent them from achieving full visibility and control over their operations and customer relationships,” said Pranay Mital, Director of SMB Operations, SAP Asia Pacific. “SAP Business One addresses the business management issues that matter most to small and midsize businesses and gives our partner network the tools they need to easily build useful and innovative new applications for their customers. With the CRM functionality integrated in SAP Business One, we’re delivering on our long-term commitment to make it easier, faster and affordable for small and midsize companies to achieve better business performance through technology and build stronger customer relationships.

The introduction of built-in CRM functionality for SAP Business One extends SAP’s leadership in the CRM arena, completing a three-tiered CRM solution portfolio that redefines CRM as an integral part of core business processes for companies of all sizes. SAP’s CRM solution is also included in mySAP™ Business Suite and select micro-vertical solutions in mySAP All-in-One solution portfolio for mid-market enterprises.

“Achieving a comprehensive view of all business operations that touch customers will provide small businesses the competitive edge they need to compete with peers and larger businesses and prepare their business for future growth,” said Robert Anderson, research director, Small and Midsize Business Practice, Gartner. “As small businesses in increasing numbers begin to investigate CRM solutions, it’s important that they view CRM not as a mechanism for increasing front-end data gathering but as a core part of their business system, targeted to immediately improve the company sales and service performance.”

The SAP Business One solution package is available though our business partners and in Singapore, a package starts from S$39,800, which includes software, hardware, implementation and training services. In Asia Pacific, there are similar affordably priced one-stop solution packages of SAP Business One through our distribution channel. Customers can go live with the complete solution in a matter of days. Several hundred customers today across the region have chosen SAP Business One for its power and ease in improving business-process efficiency.”