SAP Korea Launches SAP® Business One

Following mySAP All-in-One launch in 2003, SAP offers affordable, easy-to-use and easy-to-install solution for SMBs

SeoulSAP Korea, the leading provider of business software solutions, today held the SAP SMB Solution Fair for Enhanced Competitiveness of Korean SMBs in the Grand Ballroom of Grand Intercontinental Hotel, which attracted strong participation from 1,000 SMB leaders. SAP also announced the launch of SAP Business One, its affordable and easy-to-use solution for small and midsize businesses (SMB). Based on more than 30 years of experience as the No.1 solution provider in the enterprise applications market and the superiority of its solutions used by over 13 million users worldwide, SAP remains committed to playing a leading role to help SMBs become market leaders in their respective segments.

SAP is strengthening its position as a leader of SMB solutions globally and in Korea with the launch of SAP Business One, in addition to mySAP All-in-One that was launched in October 2003. mySAP All-in-One is a solution designed for mid-size businesses which require a high degree of industry-specific functionality yet also need cost-effective, quick-to-implement solutions. SAP Business One is designed to meet the needs of small enterprises with less complex business scope and offers a simple yet powerful integrated solution that is affordable, easy to install and easy to use.

SAP Business One Addresses Unique Needs of SMBs
SAP Business One provides a solution to the unique needs of SMBs, satisfying industry-specific requirements and having SAP’s enterprise solutions at an affordable price. The solution is an integrated business solution providing simple but robust functionality for SMBs; fast implementation period of an average of 4 weeks, Windows-based easy user interface, very light yet powerful functionality required by SMBs at an affordable cost. In addition to providing the basic functionality required by SMBs, e.g. finance, accounting, costing, sales and distribution, inventory management and various reporting capabilities, the solution also includes CRM and Sales Opportunity Management at the core of the solution. Furthermore, automatic alerts triggered by exceptional events enables fast decision making while the integration with MS Office significantly boosts employee productivity.

Hans-Jürgen Uhink, Senior Vice President of SMB Global Business at SAP AG said, “SAP Business One is an economic solution for small and mid-sized businesses, enabling a new foundation for strategic business analysis and quick decision making. SAP Business One has already proven its value through 530 partners, 3,000 small and medium businesses in 25 countries, and it will play a major role in enhancing the competitiveness of Korean SMBs globally.”

SAP Announces Six SAP Business One Partners
SAP has chosen 6 partners for SAP Business One; namely Daebo System, Morning Information and Communication, Sung Eun Information, Shinsege I&C, Entroi Consulting, and ETNC. The partners were selected based on more than 10 years of implementation experience and in-depth understanding of Korean SMBs to provide optimized service for Korean customers. The partners have been trained and certified by SAP AG to maintain a pool of certified consultants that can immediately start an optimized implementation of SAP Business One.

Sungji Joo, CEO of ETNC said, “SAP is the only solution partner that can provide global standards and continued support to enable local businesses’ growth into global enterprises. With the launch of SAP Business One in Korea, SAP can now equip SMBs with everything they need. SAP will be the optimal choice for partners as well as local companies.”

‘FIFA (First Invested First Awarded) SMB Special Promotion’ for SAP Business One
SAP Korea is offering a special promotion program for SAP Business One until the end of November. SAP is providing an advanced IT system installation for the first 50 companies at an attractive price of 35 million won, which covers SAP software, maintenance, installation, hardware, MS SQL server, and Windows 2000 server.

Kwang-sik Moon, head of SMB business at SAP Korea, explained, “This special promotion package will help to support continuous growth of Korean SMBs, and it will provide an opportunity for Korean companies of small and medium size to experience fast ROI with SAP Business One at an affordable price and fast implementation time.”

For details regarding the promotion program please contact smbinfo@sapsmb.co.kr or 02-2194-2734.