Bridge between E-Government and E-Business

SAP and East Port Cooperate to Jointly Develop the ERP market in the Import & Export Industry

Beijing, ChinaSAP, the leading business software provider, and East Port Technology Co., Ltd., the developer of the China E- Ports platform, have announced to become strategic allies to build the bridge between e-government and e-business for import and export enterprises as well as to promote the informatization construction of import and export enterprise. This was announced at a press conference held at Wangfujing Grand Hotel, in Beijing, China.

East Port, who develops and maintains the China E-Port platform, will cooperate with SAP to develop the custom declaration business add-ons and solutions based on mySAP Business Suite, mySAP All-in-one and SAP Business One to meet the requirements of the import and export enterprises. The seamless connection between the management system and electronic ports platform for all domestic and foreign clients will improve custom declaration efficiency and save enterprises time and cost. It will also provide relevant professional solutions in conformity with the requirements of enterprises, and enable the total integration between the enterprise’s internal management and electronic government affairs management departments. Data can be transmitted directly between the systems.

The China E-Port is a key project of the State Council and the main system of the Golden Custom, which is a key project of national informatization construction. It is developed by twelve departments, including the Custom, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Railway, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s Bank, the State Taxation Bureau, the State Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce, the Quality Inspection Bureau, the Civil Aviation Bureau, and the State Foreign Exchange Administration Bureau.

The East Port is a new technology enterprise established by China E- Port Data Center, China Telecom Group Corp. and CITIC Industry Group., which focuses on e-government and e-business. The China E-Port platform, developed and maintained by the East Port, meets the strict monitoring requirements of government departments and provides convenience in decreasing the trade cost and improving trade efficiency for the enterprises. East Port is also engaged in high performance software research and development, provides various IT application consultation and contract service, including finance, industrial and commercial, electronic and chemical industries.

SAP is the leader in the global enterprise management software business solutions in more than 25 industries, including manufacturing, financial services, energy, and services industry. SAP provides strong support to help enterprises to save cost, improve supply chain reaction ability and promote enterprise core competition. Last year, with the launch of mySAP All-in-One and the SAP Business One, SAP products have been widely used among small and middle-sized businesses in China.