SAP SUMMIT ’05 Hong Kong Online

SAP Announcement Made at SAP SUMMIT

Hong KongSAP Hong Kong announced today that the company’s biggest local event in 2005 – the SAP Summit ’05 – was successfully held at the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong with the full support of its valued customers, world-class technology leaders and solutions partners.

“As a celebration of the current golden period in Hong Kong’s economic growth, this year’s SAP Summit was intended to help local businesses of all sizes effectively capture new opportunities, flying high in a new era of business growth,” explained Lee Boon Lee, Chief Operating Officer, SAP North Asia, and President, SAP Hong Kong & Taiwan.

Riding on the growth of Hong Kong’s economy, the conference sought to provide business-critical information and growth strategies for local enterprises of all sizes, including multinational companies and private enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Utilizing a series of inspirational keynote speeches and tailored seminar sessions for both enterprise and SMB segments, this one-day conference and exhibition perfectly complemented SAP’s unique corporate strategy, and reflected the company’s three core strengths of Experience, Insight and Innovation.

During the keynote session, SAP invited some of its valued customers, including Mr. Alain Li, Executive Director & Group Chief Financial Officer of IDT International Limited and Dr. Chan Man Hung, Vice Chairman and President of Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited, to share their experiences in successfully expanding their business operations with SAP solutions. Mr. Li and Dr. Chan both spoke of how SAP has enabled them to enhance their corporate efficiency and competitive advantages by digitalizing and revitalizing their business’ processes, workflow management and operational procedures, with solutions that are specific to their individual business fields – namely, the electronics and retail industries.

Mr. Klaus Zimmer, CEO and President, SAP North Asia, also enlightened the audience on how to become a successful company by 2010. This insightful presentation included the expert analysis of the Business 2010 survey, which was recently conduced by the Economist Intelligence Unit with sponsorship from SAP.According to Mr. Zimmer’s presentation, a total of 4,018 executives participated in the Economist Intelligence Unit survey, in some 23 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Respondents included business leaders from financial services, retailing, manufacturing and the public sector, 50% of C-level executives or their equivalents. In Hong Kong, a total of 110 senior decision-makers were interviewed.

“Businesses are hard-pressed to develop innovative products and services. They are likely to focus instead on deepening their understanding of client needs and cultivating better customer relationships,” Mr. Zimmer explained. “They will modify their business models as needed in response to lower margins, shifts in demand and improvements in the supply chain.”

According to Mr. Zimmer, the key attributes of Hong Kong’s leading organizations in 2010 will focus on four main areas :1) Adaptability, swiftly molding strategy and business models to accommodate changes in the market – as quickly as necessary; 2) Customer focus, improving customer retention with information technology (IT), and enabling greater customer access to the corporate network via improved customer relationship management; 3) Command of information, providing accurate and timely information to management to augment an organization’s ability to adjust its strategy in response to market events; and 4) Innovation, thinking out of the box to create innovative workplaces that are able to conceptualize and execute good ideas.

“The need to address market challenges and customer demands on a real-time basis are driving businesses to integrate information into a single version across the organization for effective and efficient decision-making,” added Mr. Lee. “With SAP’s comprehensive solutions, growing companies in Hong Kong – no matter they are big corporations or small-to-medium size businesses – can rely on SAP and quickly gain a competitive advantage at the lowest cost. We’ve received incredibly positive feedback from customers who have upgraded to mySAP ERP. We are proud that, as the number one ERP provider, we are enabling a faster and easier transition to next-generation ERP solutions, in a way that is evolutionary, not revolutionary, to customers’ existing systems.”

Released one month ahead of schedule, mySAPTM ERP has quickly become the world’s leading ERP solution, featuring industry-leading business analytics, financials, human capital management, operations and corporate services functionality. With mySAP ERP, SAP has evolved from automating end-to-end processes within an organization to extending processes beyond the enterprise to the entire ecosystem of customers, suppliers and partners, ultimately providing companies with a single solution that increases efficiency and manages the innovation and growth of the entire organization.

During the SAP Summit ’05, customer feedback – from market-leading enterprises such as Sino United Publishing, IDT, ACE Plastic and Texwood – further affirmed these unique strengths. “We are delighted to know that our customers also want to share their success with their peers,” remarked Mr. Lee. “Their insightful presentations not only provide a unique opportunity for assessing critical IT strategies in specific industry segments, but also provide valuable industry knowledge and experience. We highly appreciate their valuable support.”

In addition to forward-thinking presentations from SAP’s regional management and its customers’ senior executives, the SAP Summit ’05 was supported by high-profile industry associations, the Hong Kong Productivity Council, leading IT vendors such as IBM, HP and Fujitsu, and selected solution providers, including Citrix, Compass, Mapintech, Magic Plus, Toppan Forms and Venda Group.