GMM Grammy Entertainment Selects mySAP ERP and SAP for Media

SAP Solutions to Solve Integration Issues and Manage Entertainment Activities

BangkokSAP Thailand today announced that GMM Grammy Entertainment Public Co., Ltd. has selected mySAP ERP and SAP for Media to integrate its existing systems. SAP for Media is a complete, scalable and effective enterprise resource planning based on a flexible, open technology platform.

Mr. Sumeth Damrongchaitham, Chief Operating Officer of Corporate Support and Business Development, GMM Grammy, said that the main reason GMM Grammy has selected SAP solutions is because SAP has been developing solutions to fit the requirements of each different business organization worldwide and SAP’s experience in product development and in the entertainment industry worldwide had gained their trust.

He said, “SAP for Media is particularly developed to meet our needs for internal management upgrade as the solution supports artist management, product launching events, concert and production management and intellectual property management. The solution allows us to update real-time on sales, management and others, so we can plan accordingly to what is really going on in our company and market. We have invested 80 million baht in this implementation, aiming to develop the strongest base for our organization so we can catch up real time with our competitors in a digital world.”

Mr. Alan Sedghi, Managing Director, SAP South Asia, explained that discussions are in progress and it will take about one year before the start of the first phase. He said, “The entertainment business has a different mechanism and it is our specialty to develop solutions which best suit each business’s requirements. mySAP ERP and SAP for Media is the smartest choice for GMM Grammy to grow regionally and globally.” SAP has served over 1,200 clients in media industry worldwide such as Walt Disney, MGM, Universal.