SAP® Business One Offers Growing Businesses a Simple Yet Powerful Solution

An Integrated and Affordable Solution for Thailand’s SMBs to Gain Competitive Advantage

BangkokSAP Thailand has announced the availability of SAP Business One, an integrated, affordable business management solution designed specifically for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). For the first time, SMBs have a single system that automates processes and offers an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of their business. SAP Business One has created a huge awareness in Thailand SMB market with the launch event held on May 19, 2005 at Sofitel, Central Plaza.

SMBs know that software solutions can be powerful, enabling them to pursue new opportunities and achieve new competitive advantage. They also know that business software can be expensive to implement, difficult to use, and complex to maintain.

SAP Business One is affordable, so SMBs can achieve a rapid return on their investment. It’s also simple to use, giving users a consistent, intuitive environment that they can learn quickly and use effectively. And it’s powerful, enabling SMBS to manage their business today and grow to new levels of success.

The solution offers functionality to optimize every aspect of the business, from financial accounting to manufacturing to sales and service. It also delivers truly innovative features, including a five-step MRP Wizard that automates material requirements planning, and a Drag&Relate tool that lets users link different pieces of information with a single mouse click.

SAP Business One allows SMBS to achieve a new level of control and increase the profitability of their business. Employees within organizations can retrieve the information they need, when and how they need it. They can easily customize the solution to meet your changing requirements.

Ms. Onanong Pilun-owad, Sales & Marketing Director, SAP Thailand, explained that SAP Business One has been launched in other Asia Pacific countries two years ago. “SAP Thailand is introducing SMBs to this standard software solution which was developed to meet SMBs’ needs and features covering merchandising, purchasing, accounting, financing, inventory, production, administration and client service management. We are confident that SAP Business One is a software solution which is stronger than other software you can find in present market with flexibility enabling the system to upgrade for a future business expansion,” she said.

To date, SAP Thailand has designated ZyGen Co., Ltd. to be the first partner for SAP Business One distribution in Thailand. Mr. Apirath Chaipipattanamonkol, Managing Director, ZyGen, said, “It has been such an honor for ZyGen to have the opportunity to be a part of business expansion with SAP. We have implemented SAP Business One in our organization and it has turned out great for time and cost management, resulting in the best productivity. ZyGen has been conducting surveys and studies on Thailand’s SMBs for over three years as we believe that SAP Business One is the best solution for SMBs market with only approximately a million baht to start with for SAP licenses, implementation, training and hardware.”

The SAP Business One launch event has attracted thousand of interested business owners to join the seminar and demonstration sessions. More information can be found at www.sap.com/smb/businessone.