SAP Asia Pacific Invests in SME Solution Center, Powered by SAP Best Practices, to Deliver Next Level of Industry-Specific Solutions for SMEs

Customers to Benefit from Lean and Flexible Implementation of an Extensive Portfolio of SAP Best Practices and Services Localized to Their Unique Needs

SingaporeBuilding upon a growing portfolio of industry-specific small and midsize enterprise (SME) solutions, SAP Asia Pacific announces the availability of the SME Solution Center, powered by SAP Best Practices. This SAP organization integrates SAP Best Practices-based applications with lean SAP Services, enabling SAP and its partners to more quickly and effectively build end-to-end solutions customized to Asia Pacific SME’s unique needs. The SME Solution Center solution development resources come as SAP Asia Pacific continues to invest in regional SAP Best Practices research and development and the enablement of SAP’s growing channel partner network. The packaged services now offered with SAP Best Practices solutions are based on SAP’s Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Focus rapid implementation methodology to reduce solution time to benefit and lower total cost of ownership.

With the solution development capabilities of the SME Solution Center, powered by SAP Best Practices, customers benefit from pre-packaged, fixed-scope, fixed-price und fully upgradeable solutions. These solutions are designed to meet the unique scalability needs of SMEs looking to retain their business model flexibility while adapting to rapid growth.

“The SME Solution Center, powered by SAP Best Practices, acts as a factory enabling both SAP and partners to productize solutions with vertical industry and country expertise right off our software and service ‘assembly line’,” said Bobby Vetter, Vice President, Business Development, SAP Asia Pacific. “It provides the critical link between the applications and customer requirements ensuring even more companies benefit from industry best practices and become best-run businesses with SAP. This packaged offering is particularly welcome to our partners in Asia Pacific considering more than half of SAP’s new customers in the region are already small and midsize enterprises and we’ve seen a 39 percent increase in SAP Best Practices customer adoption over 2005. We are already seeing our partners shortening their solution evaluation cycles and delivering lean implementation for shorter time to benefits.”

BSG of South Korea is one such partner, having used the SME Solution Center framework to develop its SMARTfit solution for the chemical industry. The mySAP All-in-One qualified solution was built based on SAP Best Practices and localized for Korea in just five months. BSG has already deployed the SMARTfit solution to meet the requirements of Korean customers such as Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., Dongwoo STI Co., Ltd and Dongwoo Fine-Chem Co., Ltd. / Dongwoo Optical Materials Co. Ltd.

“The SAP SME Solution Center framework gives us the competitive edge in developing micro-vertical solutions targeted at the constantly evolving needs of midsize chemical companies in Korea,” Jun-Hee Sull, CEO, BSG. “It allows us to deliver even leaner and more successful implementations for a broader group of customers with SAP’s extensive business process experience in the chemicals industry already built in. Customers, in-turn, benefit from solutions that boost productivity, reduce costs, increase business adaptability, and bolster their competitive position without putting their business or their budget at risk.”

SAP Best Practices solutions have been particularly successful in Asia Pacific given their ability to meet more than 70% of the majority of customer environment requirements out-of-the-box, as evidenced by a recent survey of SAP Best Practices projects around the world. The customers surveyed indicated they would all implement SAP Best Practices again given the solution fit saved time during preparation and implementation and reduced costs and project risks. In addition, 75% of the SAP Best Practices projects surveyed estimated a related reduction in project costs between €100,000 and €1 million.

Kautex Shanghai, one of 26 manufacturing plants of the automotive supplier Kautex, is just one of many midsize customers in Asia Pacific benefiting from SAP Best Practices. The plant implemented an ERP solution from SAP in only three months. “With the pre-populated solution accelerators of SAP Best Practices, we had an impressive average solution fit of 75% across all components from the very beginning,” said Frank Jackelen, Global SAP Manager, Kautex Shanghai. “SAP Best Practices greatly reduced our implementation effort and cost and resulted in the time to ROI significantly exceeding our expectations. SAP has the deep vertical industry understanding we’re looking for as a long-term trusted partner for innovation-fueled growth.”

“Midsize enterprises now expect turnkey business solutions that have a high degree of vertical granularity built in, bundled together with all the expert industry deployment and business consulting required to ensure success at an affordable price. That’s why we offer solutions based on SAP Best Practices and the ASAP Focus rapid implementation methodology designed to accelerate return on IT investment (ROIT),” Chris Schuler, SME Solution Center Manager, SAP Asia Pacific. “SAP is the only business software provider building SME solutions with more than 30 years of leading industry best practices integrated with the local knowledge of partners. And customers have been voting with their wallets, which is why we’ve become the SME solution provider of choice in Asia Pacific.”

Midsize enterprises can already choose from a broad micro-vertical portfolio of nearly 600 qualified mySAP All-in-One partner solutions available globally, in more than 50 countries and used by more than 6,700 customers.