PT. Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari aggressively expands its mySAP Business Suite portfolio to gain competitive edge and improve customer service

Indonesia’s leading pharmaceutical and health-related product distribution company adds 400 users in the third phase of its mySAP Business Suite implementation.

Jakarta, IndonesiaPT. Anugerah Phamindo Lestari (APL) announced that it would be significantly increasing its mySAP Business Suite portfolio to fulfill the company’s mission and objectives to increase customer satisfaction and customer service and to maintain its competitive edge. “We have been a SAP customer since 2002 and have experienced the benefits SAP has brought in terms of efficiency and productivity, “ explained Christian Steockling, President Director, PT. Anugerah Phamindo Lestari. “In line with our company’s growth, we feel that it is time to expand our mySAP Business Suite portfolio to include Warehouse Management, Balanced Scorecard and Business Warehouse.” mySAP Business Suite is an integrated software suite which provides powerful tools for services, analytics, financials, human capital management, operations, corporate services and extensive reporting.

For the first phase of implementation which has gone live, APL selected the following mySAP Business Suite modules: Finance, Controlling, Sales and Distribution and Material Management. In the second phase, APL implemented SAP Business Warehouse, which has gone live at 30 branches of APL in Indonesia. More accurate and improved decision making; enhanced efficiency in sales and distribution and logistics; improved financial controls and cost estimations; accurate demand forecasting; as well as timely and accurate reporting were amongst the benefits reaped from the initial phases of the implementation.

“SAP is an open system and can be integrated with any other open systems, database and operating systems. Coupled with over 30 years’ experience and a strong track record with pharmaceutical and distribution companies worldwide, SAP is the right strategic partner to help us achieve our mission and objectives,” Mr. Steockling concluded.

For the third phase, APL is implementing mySAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) with Balanced Scorecard, which makes it the first pharmaceutical company in Indonesia to use Balanced Scorecard. APL will also concentrate on implementing the Warehouse Management System.

Krish Datta, Managing Director, SAP Indonesia, added, “APL’s implementation of mySAP SEM will deliver strategic management control and decision making capabilities, as it leverages the earlier mySAP Business Suite roll-out. With this implementation, APL is taking a major step forward by utilizing SAP’s industry and business intelligence capabilities. APL is clearly one of the SAP customers in the country which are expanding. We are privileged to be able to contribute to APL’s business objectives.”

About APL
APL was established by Dr. Wanandi about 20 years ago. APL has distinguished itself with the quality services and nation-wide reach it has. A new alliance between Interpharma Asia Pacific and PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (APL) was formed, with the merger of APL and PT Wigo Distribusi Farmasi, the Indonesian pharmaceutical distribution company acquired by Interpharma in 2002.

APL, its majority owned by Interpharma, will become the platform for future business operations. The transition is due to be completed in the second quarter of 2006. The integration was completed on June 1, 2006 after the merger.

Powered by its mission to develop the best and most reliable distribution services through its commitment to enhance national healthcare services and emphasis on quality, the company has consistently enjoyed rapid growth.

APL currently employs over 3,000 employees and serves 40 local and multinational companies. Through its direct area and customer coverage approach, APL has established a wide network providing multi-channel coverage. The company has set up over 30 branches and more than 25 sales stations, and serves 50,000 outlets including pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, and supermarkets throughout the country.

Interpharma Asia Pacific is the largest specialized service provider to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in the Asia Pacific region. The headquarters is based in Hong Kong and it operates businesses in 13 countries.