SDN Asia Pacific Members Cross 100,000 Mark

SAP Brings Business Process Platform Closer to Growing Ecosystem in the Region

SingaporeSAP announced today that the number of SAP Developer Network (SDN) members in the Asia Pacific has crossed 100,000. SDN is an active online community where advanced business application programming (ABAP), Java, .NET, and other cutting-edge technologies converge to form a resource and collaboration channel for SAP developers, consultants, integrators, and business analysts. SDN hosts a technical library, expert blogs, exclusive downloads and code samples, an extensive eLearning catalog, and active, moderated discussion forums.

Asia Pacific continues to be one of the fastest-growing regions in the world for SDN, accounting for about 20 percent of its global membership which has crossed 500,000. More than 30 percent of the unique visitors to SDN each month comes from Asia Pacific, with India having the highest number of visitors followed by Japan, Australia, China and South Korea.

The Asia Pacific region also contributes the highest numbers towards the Business Process Expert (BPX) community, an industry innovation recently launched by SAP. The Asia Pacific accounts for over 45% of worldwide membership of over 30,000 – strong evidence of the fast-growing adoption of the business process model enabled by SAP NetWeaver.

The role of a business process expert encompasses a variety of titles including business analyst, business consultant, process consultant, application consultant and process developer – an evolution triggered largely by the move to enterprise SOA. A business process expert plays a critical role to bridge business needs and IT requirements to accelerate the organization’s innovation. SAP is one of the first companies to offer model-driven tools as well as modeled composite applications specifically for this new category of professional – enabling business process experts to compose business processes themselves, reduce the need for coding and remove the traditional IT backlog, in part by improving business-to-IT communication, tools and processes.

The Business Process Expert Community aims to foster co-innovation among SAP and non-SAP customers and partners in an open forum, and allows members to collaborate and co-innovate by accessing information and other SAP materials designed to help them deliver increased value to their organizations. Access the community at

“I am delighted that we have received a resounding endorsement of our platform, with membership from the Asia Pacific in both the SAP Developer Network and the BPX Community among the fastest-growing,” said Simon Dale, vice president and chief technology officer, SAP Asia Pacific. “We believe the strong sign-up rates indicate that the industry is accelerating towards a business process-driven model. With our delivery of the only fully-functional business process platform available in the market today, SAP is well-placed to lead in this area.”

SAP Discovery System for enterprise SOA
SAP recently announced the availability of SAP® Discovery System software for enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA), designed to help customers and partners map their paths to a successful adoption of enterprise SOA. With the SAP Discovery System, developers and enterprise architects have a clear first-step in experimenting with enterprise SOA, enabling them to test-drive the simplicity and flexibility of composing new business processes using enterprise services in a standalone SOA environment.

– For customers, the SAP Discovery System enables technical staff to leverage the latest software from SAP today and gain immediate hands-on experience with a typical enterprise SOA environment – at a low-cost entry point.

– For partners, the SAP Discovery System provides a full mySAP™ ERP application landscape against which they can test their own applications as well as see the potential value by simplifying the learning and technology discovery process of enterprise SOA.

– For developers new to composite applications, the SAP Discovery System includes a composite development toolbox to create composite applications using the SAP Composite Application Framework (SAP CAF) tool, guided procedures and SAP NetWeaver® Visual Composer.

SAP Discovery System is available today, pre-configured with the latest version of mySAP ERP, eight sample business scenarios delivered as composite applications leveraging enterprise services, the latest version of the SAP NetWeaver platform, a composite development toolbox including the SAP CAF, guided procedures and SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, SAP Best Practices offerings and the Enterprise Services Workplace. Developed initially on the HP ProLiant server platform, the SAP Discovery System can be ordered directly from HP as a pre-installed image on the Intel Xeon-based HP ProLiant DL380 server. Customers and partners can visit the HP Direct online store at

“With the SAP Discovery System, customers and partners today have a risk-free opportunity to access and experiment with enterprise services to enable their organizations; business process innovation. No other vendor is able to provide such a simple and seamless entry point to an enterprise SOA roadmap,” said Simon Dale.

SAP NetWeaver Technology Tour 2006

Bringing SAP NetWeaver technology “live” to Asia, the SAP NetWeaver Technology Tour taking place in 20 cities in Asia Pacific showcases innovative ideas shaping the enterprise application industry and introduces the latest developments in SAP technology. Attendees will learn about the SAP NetWeaver platform and enterprise SOA, and can gain the information and tools they need to enable business process innovation. In select cities, attendees will also gain hands-on experience with the SAP Discovery System workshops organised jointly with HP. For information about the SAP NetWeaver Technology Tour in Asia Pacific, including cities and dates, please visit: