Members Inspire New SAP Community Network Recognition Program

Community Participation to Benefit UN World Food Programme an Industry First

BANGALORESAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced a ground-breaking new recognition program for members of the SAP® Developer Network (SDN) and Business Process Expert communities. Beginning January 1, 2008, community member participation will be rewarded with a donation to the United Nations World Food Programme’s Food for Education. The new approach to rewarding participation is a direct result of community member feedback indicating a strong interest in a more socially conscious rewards program. The announcement was made at SAP® TechEd ’07 Bangalore, being held in Bangalore, India from November 28-30.

For several years, SAP has successfully encouraged members of the SDN and Business Process Expert communities to share their knowledge and experience with other members through a member recognition program that awards points for contributions to the community, such as blog posts, articles, code samples, tutorials, videos or forum posts. Community members vigorously compete to be recognized as top global contributors, and prizes are awarded for reaching point milestones. The new program replaces the distribution and shipping of prizes such as T-shirts in favor of prizes in the form of World Food Programme donations.

Donations will directly fund the World Food Programme’s Food for Education, an international universal school nutrition program that aims to ensure every hungry child has at least one meal every day. Community members will be kept up to date on the effect that their efforts have on reducing hunger and increasing educational development through regular blogs, podcasts and videocast contributions from the World Food Programme (community members can visit SAP supports a number of corporate citizenship projects with the World Food Programme, one of the world’s most distinguished humanitarian aid organizations and one that has a strong presence in India.

“We applaud the members of the SDN and Business Process Expert communities for bringing activism to their virtual community,” said Francisco Espejo, chief, School Feeding Service, World Food Programme. “The correlation between improved nutrition and education performance is dramatic. This SAP initiative shows how online communities can help foster the most basic level of community development by offering kids a meaningful incentive to go to school and stay there. We look forward to establishing an ongoing dialogue with the members of the SAP community networks as we bring them closer to our on-the-ground activities via videos and podcasts from field sites, so they can see first-hand how their contributions are making a difference.”

The SDN and Business Process Expert communities enable customers, partners, developers and employees to engage with IT and business professionals across the globe to share expertise and best practices related to SAP solutions and enterprise SOA. Participation in these communities – which is free and open to all who are interested in collaborating – helps members to engage in collaborative innovation, deploy SAP solutions more quickly and benefit from the collective knowledge of the SAP worldwide community.

“The SAP ecosystem includes one of the most prevalent, active and engaged online communities in the world,” said Claus Heinrich, executive board member, SAP AG. “And while the SAP ecosystem has gained a global reputation as an economy of its own, it is now time to use this power to contribute on a more human level. The contributions raised by SAP community members will be put to good use by the UN World Food Programme in their local geographic region and will make a difference raising the level of education and economic development for some of world’s poorest people.”