SAP Business One helps Karya Bahari Abadi improve the lives of local Fishermen

PT. Karya Bahari Abadi, a distributor of Yamaha outboard motors in Indonesia automates business processes and grows its business by giving back to the local fishermen community

JakartaSAP today announced the successful implementation of SAP Business One at PT.Karya Bahari Abadi, Indonesia’s sole distributor of Yamaha outboard motors. SAP Business One is a solution designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises and allows business owners to have an up-to-date and unified view of their operations, improve business process efficiency and take advantage of growth opportunities. The implementation for six users was completed in only 3 months by Metrodata E Bisnis, SAP’s award winning implementation partner for SAP Business One.

Established in 2006 and employing 13 staff, PT.Karya Bahari Abadi distributes Yamaha outboard motors to fishermen, and provides affordable parts and after sales service through its many dealers throughout Indonesia’s archipelago.

“With a diverse customer base and far reaching locations, it is safe to say that our business – although small – is a complex one.” said Erwin Kindangan, the director of the company. “Previously we relied on a manual in-house solution and with it faced a number of hurdles.” he continued. The data from the system was not unified and was often inaccurate. “It was hard to make decisions because we did not have the necessary data to base our decisions on. This hindered our company to grow and so we set out to look for a a powerful solution for SMEs and found SAP Business One”

Before selecting SAP Business One by Metrodata E Bisnis, the company considered other solutions and other partners. “SAP Business One fulfilled all our requirements.” explained Erwin, who has a background in Finance. “It covered all the key operational functions of our business and was the right fit for our small operations. We felt it was also the right solution, because in the long term the solution can grow with us.” The company selected Metrodata E Bisnis as the implementation partner due to their strong brandname, vast experience in implementing SAP and competitive pricing.

The implementation process took three months and the solution went live in November 2007. After the solution’s go-live, the company felt a number of important benefits.

“We felt a great impact with SAP Business One. With SAP Business One, the company now has greater control over the entire operations. The data generated is accurate and greatly improves the decision making process. The company now operates more efficiently.” explained Erwin.

“However, the largest benefit of all for us is that we can now spend more time to listen to our customers’ needs and to improve the welfare of the fishermen.” emphasized Erwin who has done such activities as contributing books to local schools in the fishermen’s villages, cleaning islands, providing free health service to the fishermen and so on. “We believe in giving back. If the lives of the fishermen improve, it will also have a positive impact on us.”

Ending the conversation, Erwin concluded “We realize how important it is for a growing business such as ours to have a single system which is reliable and powerful.”

About PT. Karya Bahari Abadi

PT. Karya Bahari Abadi is a sole distributor for Yamaha outboard motors in Indonesia. The company also distributes Yamaha Outboard Genuine Parts, Yamalube Oil and provides technical support to mechanics throughout Indonesia. Over the years, PT Karya Bahari Abadi has successfully cemented Yamaha outboard motor as the leader in outboard motors market in Indonesia. (For additional information please contact erwin@ptkba.com).