MRF Prefers SAP as High Growth Partner

– Enterprise Wide Deployment to Streamline Operations for Business
– Complex Multi-Location Implementation by SISL in just 9 Months

IndiaMRF Tyres announced today that they have gone live with an extensive
SAP ERP application across over a thousand users. The SAP application replaces the entire
footprint of Oracle applications that had previously been deployed by MRF.

MRF replaced applications from Oracle and has gone live on SAP’s leading ERP and CRM
solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver platform covering the head office, six factories and over a
hundred sales offices to provide a single comprehensive view of company information. The solid IT foundation will help India’s leading tyre manufacturer gear up for future challenges.

As Prince Azaria, CIO, MRF Tyres, comments, “We are glad that we finalized on SAP for the
ERP implementation. This collaboration is a key enabler in optimizing our core processes for high
growth and achieving the vision we have set for our business transformation. The length, breadth
and depth of this implementation at MRF is a clear testament of the efficacy of SAP solutions. I am sure the addition of SAP will complete the suite of components necessary to make a difference that our customers will experience.”

Adds Ranjan Das, CEO & President, SAP India Subcontinent, “We are very excited to partner
with MRF as it integrates its business in their endeavor to achieve newer milestones. We are
particularly delighted with this win back as this adds to the growing number of customers
displaying a clear preference for SAP as a partner in their business solutions.”

Apart from enabling integration, the system enables substantial cost saving through increased
efficiency across the company’s core business processes. It offers real-time visibility into key data, systemizes the tracking and calculation of transportation and shipping costs and helps with procurement management. It also allows for integrated and simulative web-based planning for monthly sales and production targets using BI-IP, while the Document Management System facilitates a high volume storage of R&D data for easy retrieval.

Implemented by Siemens Information Systems Ltd (SISL) in just nine months, the deployment
also covered a large payroll of over 12,000 employees. As Sanjeev Sinha, Managing Director –
Siemens Information Systems Ltd., comments “SAP deployment in MRF posed unique challenges that arose from the need to integrate multiple units across different locations. It involved extensive procedures and large volumes of data. Yet, the implementation successfully
went live across all target locations & units within a time frame of nine months. This project will empower the organization to seamlessly connect all its vendors, customers and partners to achieve improved business efficiency. I’m confident that it will prove to be a significant asset to the organization and a cornerstone in transforming the processes at MRF.”

Structured end-user programmes with practice sessions, documentation and live projects have
ensured a smooth transition.

About MRF:

MRF Limited is the market leader in the Indian tyre industry. It manufactures tyres, tubes and
flaps for all classes of vehicles. MRF also manufactures conveyor belting products in addition to specialty coatings and sports goods. It has also perfected pre-cured retreading system in India. MRF products have always been the benchmark of quality in the industry with the highest brand
preference for their products. MRF is also known for its association with sports through its sports equipment division, the Pace Foundation, and sponsorships for major events.

MRF has achieved turnover of more than Rs.5000 Crores during the year ended September

The Company with plants in six locations has embarked on a major expansion drive and has set
sights on the global market. It has expanded its sales offices to over 80 covering almost all the major centers in the country.

About Siemens Information Systems Ltd.

Siemens Information Systems Ltd. (SISL), the IT arm of Siemens, is one of the foremost names
in Information and Communications technology in India today focusing on niche markets. Since
its inception, SISL has grown to be one of the leading systems integrators and total solutions
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Services”. Siemens IT Solutions and Services comprises the following 5 entities – Siemens
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