SAP China Launches ‘Clear New World’ Strategic Initiative

SAP China helps China’s Best-Run Businesses to become ‘Clear Enterprises’ and thrive in today’s New Reality

BEIJINGSAP China today launched its ‘Clear New World’ strategic initiative, beginning a series of activities to help Best-Run Businesses in China see clearly, think clearly and act clearly in order to thrive in the current market conditions. Unveiling the new initiative at a launch event in Beijing today, Mark Gibbs, President, SAP North Asia, explained that to thrive in the current economic conditions, businesses must become more efficient, flexible and transparent. He also discussed how emerging technologies are helping to facilitate this process and will radically change the way enterprises operate in the future.

“In the past year, businesses in China have encountered a new reality of unprecedented risk and volatility,” said Gibbs. “The economic landscape has changed faster than anyone could ever imagined, straining business networks that were already at the limits of complexity. In an environment like this, executives must have visibility into every aspect of their business network to act effectively and decisively. They need ‘clarity’ to refocus their business strategies and streamline operations. In other words, to win in the New Reality, China’s Best-Run Businesses must become ‘Clear Enterprises’.”

Gibbs explained how information technology can provide executives with a clear view and greater insight into their business. For example, in-memory databases and analytical applications will help companies navigate mountains of data, giving them insight into businesses and networks to make more informed business decisions. Smart devices and services that can access and share information in real time will fundamentally change and benefit the decision-making process, empowering executives with insight and confidence.

The China launch of the ‘Clear New World’ strategic initiative builds on the global launch of SAP’s new strategic thrust by Co-CEO Léo Apotheker at SAP’s annual SAPPHIRE event in Orlando, USA on May 12. To drive awareness of the ‘Clear New World’ strategic initiative in China and help customers understand how to become ‘Clear Enterprises’, SAP China has launched a nationwide, integrated marketing campaign based on the ‘Clear New World’ theme to reach out to customers, partners and others in the SAP ecosystem. This was successfully pre-tested with SAP China prospects, clients and market influencers to ensure the relevance of the concepts and messages for the China market. The campaign was unveiled in China on May 18, and includes a new website devoted to the ‘Clear Enterprise’ at http://www.clearnewworld.cn.

The launch of the ‘Clear New World’ initiative will enable SAP to showcase an ecosystem that offers an unrivalled portfolio of software and services that help companies close the gap between strategy and execution, thus enabling them to become ‘Clear Enterprises’. Recent SAP initiatives to help drive clarity include making pricing transparent to customers through revolutionizing the industry’s approach to enterprise support – SAP has agreed with its user groups to meet specific key performance indicators before adjusting pricing for its Enterprise Support services – and launching important new solutions including SAP® BusinessObjects™ Explorer, SAP Business Suite 7, and a package of solutions to help businesses improve sustainability.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, launched on May 13, brings together search and navigation capabilities from the SAP® BusinessObjects™ portfolio with SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse Accelerator (SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator) software, enabling customers to navigate mountains of business data at the ‘speed of thought’. SAP Business Suite 7, the company’s next-generation software suite enabled by service-oriented architecture (SOA), helps companies achieve process excellence through the modular deployment of industry-specific end-to-end processes. With more than 300 ramp-up customers in 37 countries, it will officially launch in China at the Beijing stop of the SAP World Tour 2009 on June 16.