Darussalam Assets Pioneers Integration of SAP Business AI into HR and Operational Processes


Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam — 27 May 2024 SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced that Darussalam Assets (DA), a company that owns and manages several of Brunei’s government-linked companies, has become one of the first customers in Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) to leverage SAP Business AI in an existing SAP solution.

SAP Business AI is built into the SAP applications that power critical business processes. It comprises a range of AI innovations that have been developed using extensive industry-specific data and deep process knowledge, all created using responsible AI practices.

On 1st January 2024, DA turned to SAP’s latest AI innovations to enhance its SAP SuccessFactors set-up, first deployed in 2019. DA uses SAP SuccessFactors to manage its extensive workforce of over 9,000 employees spread across the DA Group of Companies. Its portfolio currently boasts 30 subsidiaries and 14 sectors — including telecommunications, agribusiness, healthcare, education and power utilities. Since adopting SAP SuccessFactors, DA has integrated and streamlined its talent management operations, including recruitment, learning and development, and performance management, leading to increased productivity and business efficiency.

With the inclusion of SAP Business AI, DA has further improved its recruitment processes with SAP SuccessFactors. By automating processes such as generating job descriptions, parsing resumes, and providing quality feedback on the spot, the company reduced its hiring process to just three to four weeks, down from its previous timeline of between three to four months.

“The adoption of SAP Business AI has been transformative. It has not only automated routine tasks but has also generated competency-based interview questions on the spot for a more equitable and skills-based interview process,” said Salehin Basir, Senior Manager, Human Capital Development, Darussalam Assets. “We’ve seen improvements in how we manage our DA Group talent pool, and our recruitment cycle has been significantly reduced.”

DA’s Business AI journey is just beginning. The company is already exploring deeper integration and use cases in its workflow, including:

  • AI and employee management: Using AI to help manage differences within teams and tailor management and performance strategies to individual needs and personalities without a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • AI for decision support: Using AI to aid in decision-making by providing data-driven insights that may not be immediately apparent. This can enable HR to make more informed decisions about personnel management and development, including succession planning.

Apurv Sharma, Senior Manager, Group Information Systems, Darussalam Assets added, “We are excited about deepening our AI capabilities and tapping into SAP Business AI’s potential to further transform our business. Ultimately, we want to leverage AI not just for automation, but to foster a culture of innovation that drives our leadership in the industries in which we operate.”

Verena Siow, President and Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia, said, “Darussalam Assets were pioneers in adopting SAP S/4HANA shortly after its global release in 2016, and they’re once again showing foresight in continuing their SAP journey with our latest AI innovations.

“SAP Business AI is focused on delivering our customers the most relevant, reliable and responsible AI – built for business, and our work with Darussalam Assets shows the tangible business benefits this technology provides. We look forward to supporting DA accelerate to innovate, as it continues to improve its employee processes and experience and set new benchmarks in operational excellence.”

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