Me and My Shadow: IT Gone Rogue

Radiocasts | June 14, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: The cloud.

As if cloud computing weren’t disruptive enough, there’s a force lurking outside traditional IT: “Shadow IT” or, worse, “Rogue IT.”

The experts have a lot to say.

Jeff Kaplan, THINKstrategies: “Most CXOs don’t know how many SaaS/Cloud apps are being used in their organizations.”

Greg Chase, SAP: “What is new is consumerization of IT, or really, IT-ization of the consumer – basically we’re all digital natives now. Individuals are making their own IT choices to get their work done.”

Paul Stuker, SuccessFactors: “The cost of Rogue IT is tiny compared to the hidden cost of non-secure, non-available mission-critical applications.”

Steve Romero, Consultant: “Business users have been ‘going around’ corporate IT for years. IT needs to accept and embrace shadow IT and leverage it to foster a collaborative relationship with the business.”

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