How Smart Is BI Without A Strategy?

Radiocasts | April 4, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Pop quiz: Business intelligence aka “BI”. (A) Alphabet soup? (B) Oxymoron? (C) Secret weapon that instantly makes your company smarter?

Answer: C, but it’s not that simple, says analyst Josh Greenbaum. “Business users don’t understand data, and data geeks don’t understand business. BI software has traditionally been among the top forms of shelfware in the enterprise. Most data warehouses are sanitary landfills.”

Asuret’s Michael Krigsman adds, “Without a sense of focus and direction, BI and analytics become yet another source of useful data and clutter. In the end, vendors and users must work together to find ways of using data efficiently and in the service of concrete business purposes.”

And BI expert Jason Rose says, “Technology is an enabler. Having a strategy sets your roadmap for success. Executive sponsorship and partnering with the business…yeah yeah, we’ve all heard that before, but it’s still critical and true!”

Pour a cup and join us for How Smart Is BI Without A Strategy?

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