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The Spin with Megan Meany: Fighting Malaria & Dengue Fever in Brazil, Epic Growth of IT Spend in Latin America

Feature Video | January 16, 2015 by SAP TV

SAP TV Senior Correspondent Megan Meany has all the SAP and tech news headlines for the week of January 12, 2015.

This week’s news, insights and updates out of Latin America come from Riviera Maya and include startup Fumajet’s fight against malaria and dengue fever via motorcycle in Brazil; the epic growth of IT spend in Latin America; and other stories from the region.

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  1. Rajiv Nema

    Should it be ADIOS or CIAO at the end? Or was that a hint that you will be reporting from Italy next ;-)?

    BTW, love the high energy, pleasant, informal delivery of the news. I didnt think I would hear “SAP” and “Tush” in the same sentence in an official SAP video….a buttoned down, casual SAP is refreshing.

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