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Spotlight on Women Leaders at SAP: Christine Regitz

Feature Article | April 19, 2017 by Susan Galer

Christine Regitz, vice president of User Experience at SAP, traces the origins of her career at the epicenter of the world’s most innovative technologies to her experiences with the basics – being a handyman at home and excelling at math in school.

Raised in a household that valued education — her father was a primary school teacher and mother taught kindergarten – Regitz pursued a somewhat unusual high school course of study combining English, Physics and Math.

Christine Regitz (image via SAP)

After graduating college with a degree in business administration, she worked briefly at a consulting firm startup, followed by a position at a software company.

She joined SAP more than 20 years ago when that consulting firm was acquired. Now a member of the SAP Supervisory Board, also serving on the Technology and Strategy, and People and Organization Committees, Regitz enables teams worldwide that are developing solutions for two of the company’s most strategic areas: SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud Platform in the industry.

Despite Regitz’ perspective that math is for lazy people, her career trajectory belies any doubts about her intense curiosity and hard-charging focus on results.

In this exclusive interview, she explains her major role model in life, why she loves change, and how the IT industry can attract more women.

One of the most influential roles models in my life was…
My grandfather, a hard-working craftsman in construction, who instilled in me a fascination with how things fit together, and what tools you use and why while we spent time together in his home workshop.

After talking with a career counselor in high school about jobs for math majors I realized…
That economics was a perfect fit. I studied operations research, energy management and industrial management theory. Physics was a hobby.

Math is for lazy people because…
Once you do the calculations, it’s done. 

One pivotal attribute that has brought me to where I am today is…
My quest for what’s ground-breaking. Unlike many people who don’t like change, I’m very curious about discovering new topics and different ways of moving ahead.

My role gives me the freedom to…
Help bring our customers and partners the exciting innovations SAP is introducing to change the world for the better. From product road maps to lessons learned, I’m at the frontlines helping our developers understand cloud-based innovations on our platform like machine learning, cognitive computing and internet of things. I’ve always been lucky that my managers have given me the space to pursue my creative ideas.

In a sea of fast-paced innovation, I stay centered and productive by…
Interacting with interesting people who share my passion for IT at industry conferences and meetings.

Women today have a unique opportunity to…
Influence what the new digital world will look like because everyone needs them to define the use cases that will comprise our future economy.

Businesses can attract more women to high tech by…
Demonstrating how technology helps people and improves their lives. We need to explain how studying STEM translates to a future-proof career. Our industry also needs to be more flexible with initiatives like SAP’s Back2Work Program, which encourages women to return to the workforce.

I’m helping women get ahead by…
My work as co-founder of the Business Women’s Network at SAP, which provides shared experiences and role modeling support. I’m also a member and Vice President of the German Informatics Society.

The trend I’m most excited about is…
The intersection of society and technology – the profound changes that advanced digital technologies like artificial intelligence and social networks are having on our lives.

When I’m not working, I kick back and relax by…
Listening to alternative music, gardening, reading and staying involved in a non-profit community theatre association which I co-founded. We saved a local cinema from closing in my town, and bring in a wide range of films every week from independent and foreign movies to blockbusters

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  1. Nancy Callahan

    I recently had a very enjoyable conversation over coffee with Christine. We are fortunate to have her as a colleague and member of the SAP Supervisory Board

  2. Marleen Verhaag

    Christine, thank you for your leadership in the company, and for the drive and continued commitment you show for the SAP Business Women’s Network.

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