Start-Up Focus: Selling to the enterprise

Radiocasts | October 17, 2013 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: The enterprise space. Some startups refuse to play it safe by starting small, choosing instead to pursue the big-kids enterprise marketplace right out of the gate. Could be a smart move, but only if they’re prepared for its challenges. Our in-the-trenches experts speak.

Christopher Carter, Approyo: “Life is too short. We need to seize our dreams, our goals, and our desires. If not, someone else will.”

Padman Ramankutty, Intrigo: “Selling to the consumer is about selling positive emotions. Selling to the enterprise is about suppressing negative emotions. You might have lost the sale; you just don’t know it because you have happy ears!”

Luisa Silva, SAP: “To be successful selling innovation in the enterprise market segment, one needs to speak the ‘language’. A fair amount of young innovative companies often focus on the magnificence of their offerings and soon encounter severe difficulties to succeed in this space.”

Join us for Dare to Dream Big: Selling to the enterprise.

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