Startup Focus: Pounding the Pavement from Pitch to Positioning

Today’s buzz: Doing the legwork. You have a brilliant idea for a well-researched, marketplace-needed service or product. You’ve recruited, inspired and engaged a savvy core team. You’ve raised a healthy stream of startup funding. What does it all add up to? Not much until you work the room at events and conferences, and get the attention of the right people at the right companies at the right time. Ready to learn how today’s successful startups do it?

Live from TechEd, we’ll bring you words of wisdom from Kence Anderson, Apptimyze founder and CEO, United Software Associates founder Sam Bhat, and SAP Startup Focus Head of Global Market Enablement Robert Kapanen.

Join us for Pounding the Pavement from Pitch to Positioning, and Tweet your questions and comments to #SAPRadio.