Startups and Government: Getting Along

Radiocasts | November 21, 2013 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Government and you. You say you’ve checked every box required to bring your amazing tech vision to market. But does your prep list include navigating the everyday red tape of government bureaucracy – local, regional, national – and the even tougher challenges of selling to government, if that’s in your business plan? The experts speak.

PV “Mohan” Mohanram, MIBS: “Doing business with government organization requires focus, patience and deep understanding of the process. Sometimes it can be messy and yet you need to stay on course and pursue it.”

Padman Ramankutty, Intrigo: “He that can have patience can have what he will.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Robert Kapanen, SAP: “Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon.” (Winston Churchill)

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