Startups in Health Care: Taking the Pulse

Radiocasts | February 27, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Health Care. The impact of technology innovation on health care has put us light years ahead of what was available a few years ago. But the advances are still more device-centric than patient-centric, more one-size-fits-all than patient-personalized. Can tech startups help move us in the right direction? The experts speak.

James R. Griffin, Datric, Inc.: “The mHealth market is a $20B/year market that has failed to impact health care costs and live up to expectations. Of the Apple apps store’s 43,700 health-related apps, only 159 capture user-entered health data and fewer than 50 are related to medical condition management. The market is driven by consumer demand for apps and sensors with little regard for true risks, benefits, and health management capabilities.”

Chris Carter, Approyo: “Big Data in the medical world can make us all healthier, and make it easier to analyze issues and provide cost savings.”

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