Startups and High Tech: A Distinct Advantage, Part 2

Radiocasts | March 20, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: High-Tech. Today’s lean-and-mean startups have the advantage of being well-positioned to adopt and scale high-tech innovations. But they have to carefully choose which innovations to adopt and which to offer. The experts speak.

Ron Wessels, SAP: “Entrepreneurs need to live their passion yet maintain their balance. Beware that entrepreneurs tend to worship their work, work at their play, and play at their worship. This approach is out of balance and will not lead to fulfillment” (R. Wessels with Chuck Swindoll).

Dan Somers, Warwick Analytics: “The philosophical problem with ‘big data’ is that it flies in the face of everything we’re told about the environment and recycling… In other words, we need to pinpoint Grandma’s engagement ring rapidly amongst the other junk and recycle the other electrons.”

Balaji TT, Saggezza: “It is not the size of data that matters, it is what you do with it!”

Join us for Startups and High-Tech: A Distinct Advantage – Part 2.

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