Startups and Mobility: The Handheld Future

Radiocasts | December 12, 2013 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Handheld Future Enterprise mobility is moving at triple-Internet speed in our Mobile 2.0 world. Adoption of BYOD and enterprise-wide B2E, B2B and C2B is disrupting traditional computing.

Startups have the agility, flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit to be on the cutting edge of it all. How does your startup embrace the mindset of mobility – which is dramatically changing our digital dynamic – personally, professionally, and commercially?

Sanjay Shirole, SAP, offers this insight from Sergei Brin, Google co-founder: “Google Glass will help fight the antisocial and ‘emasculating’ habit of compulsive smartphone checking.”

Join Sanjay, Jon Siegal of Fan Appz, and Craig Bassin of EasyAsk for an insider look at Startups and Mobility: The Handheld Future.

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