Startups and Telcos: Let’s Talk!

Radiocasts | March 27, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Startups in Telco. The globally booming telecommunications industry faces the herculean task of offering superb, multi-channel user experiences while maintaining the integrity of their global service and infrastructure.

Telco’s need help! But can smart tech startups poised to enhance the mobile platform have a significant impact if carrier and government policies continue to vary dramatically country-to-country? And how closely should these startups align with Telco industry giants? The experts speak.

Wendy Chen, SILK: “The future of how we work and communicate will be defined by the emerging world.”

Yaniv Mor, Xplenty: “Big Data is the new lifeline for Telecommunications giants – a goldmine waiting to be explored!”

Gowri Shankar, Naya Ventures: “Facebook purchase of Whatsapp is actually a steal. The mobile operators probably lost twice that number in revenues in the last four years.”

Join us for Startups and Telcos: Let’s Talk!

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