Stop with the Vanity Metrics: Measure What Matters

Radiocasts | October 27, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: HR Metrics.

If you’re an HR professional, many metrics – such as cost per hire, training cost per employee, turnover rate, lag time between posting and filling a position – will show the executive team that you’re doing your job, but not much more.

“Vanity metrics” are not the same as applying workforce analytics tools to give your C-Suite leaders the data-driven, actionable insights they need to solve business problems.

Current wisdom says to stop focusing solely on activity numbers and instead answer the critical question, “So what? What is the value?”

The experts speak.

Greta Roberts, Talent Analytics: “Pretty HR dashboards and visualizations rarely provide strategic, actionable business insights.”

Mick Collins, SuccessFactors: “A politician knows not only how to count votes, but how to make his vote count.” (U.S. President Richard Nixon, 1969)

Join us for Stop with the Vanity Metrics: Measure What Matters.

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