SAP StreamWork: Facebook for the Office

Feature Article | March 31, 2010 by Benjamin Blaume

Bring method to madness in real time across the globe (photo: SAP)

Bring method to madness in real time across the globe (photo: SAP)

With SAP StreamWork, SAP aims to transport the advantages of Facebook & Co. into the classic business environment. In our article published during the beta phase, we explained what users can do with SAP StreamWork. Just to recap: Thanks to the SAP StreamWork software, several people can work together online on a project (known as an activity in SAP StreamWork) at the same time – or at different times in different time zones. Like in a Web forum, data, facts, and opinions can be exchanged and all the information can be retained for later viewing.
Users access the software from their Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer is supported from version 7 and Mozilla Firefox from version 3.0. In addition, Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or higher must be installed.

From free-of-charge to U.S.$108

Now that the product has hit the market, let’s take a look at the differences between the versions available. Initially, SAP StreamWork is available as a Basic Edition, which is free of charge, and as a Professional Edition. In the second half of the year, the Enterprise Edition is slated to follow. It can be integrated directly with SAP systems and can access the data there, includes enhanced security capabilities such as single sign-on, and provides advanced user management options. SAP is currently inviting companies to apply for the Enterprise Edition beta program at

SAP StreamWork is available internationally but is currently only offered in English. Later in the year, SAP will announce the countries in which localized versions will be released. Subscriptions for the Professional Edition can be purchased online or obtained from the SAP sales department. A one-year subscription costs €96 in Europe and U.S.$108 in the rest of the world.

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The free Basic Edition has almost the same range of functions as the Professional Edition (photo: SAP)

The free Basic Edition has almost the same range of functions as the Professional Edition (photo: SAP)

Basic or Professional Edition?

There is very little difference between the functions in the Basic and Professional Editions of SAP StreamWork. This makes the free Basic Edition ideal for organizations that want to test out the software first.

However, frequent users will soon exhaust the possibilities of the free version. For instance, only five activities can be open at any one time, while the Professional Edition is enabled for up to 100. Online storage is very limited, with 250 MB for each user (the Professional Edition has 5 GB). What’s more, closed activities can only be saved for one year, while the Professional Edition allows activities to be kept for up to two years. For more information about the differences, check out the SAP StreamWork site.

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  1. Timo Elliott

    SAP StreamWork is a great new product, but it isn’t “Facebook for the office” (yet?). Facebook is about your friends’ profiles and regular status updates. StreamWork is about solving business issues. They really don’t have much in common except they run in the cloud…

  2. Jan Wegner

    It’s a great product and a big step forward for SAP, but it isn’t facebook (as Tim Elliot described before). I think it would be interesting to bring such a “tool” into a conservative organization!

  3. Ishaam Adamson

    SAP StreamWork a great tool which will aid Key Business Executives and Managment individuals to gather clearer view of business, however Facebook might not be the best place yet a step towards finding the more suited. The tool definitely will lead business and IT towards more evolved soluiton delivery in future.

  4. Jacobs Edo

    I have explored this apps, nice work from SAP but i guess it will be more interesting if widgets/extensions/actionitems for users/team members to access relevant business data from backend system interractively for decision making, planning, analysis etc.

    This approach coupled with the speed of the cloud, will provide on the fly access to enterprise data for easy decision making including enhancing SAP approach to enterprise data mobility.

    Keep up the good work..guys, the future of business will be decided by the mobility of enterprise data through a secured cloud.

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