SAP Switzerland selects the best business apps for mobile companies

SAP NEWSBYTEWithin the scope of this year’s Mobility Forum, SAP (Switzerland) AG distinguishes among the business applications that Swiss companies have developed for mobile end-devices such as smartphones and tablets. The partners Proaxia Consulting Group, Q-Perior and Novo Business Consultants emerged victoriously as the winners of the “SAP Partner Appiade” competition, in which a dozen partner companies participated. The decisive factors for the victory were the intuitive service and significant advantages for mobile business customers ranging from small- and medium-sized enterprises to major corporations. Appiade is part of SAP’s mobility strategy, which envisages that 80% of the apps for mobile companies are developed by partners and customers.

The following three apps succeeded in rising to the occasion at the 2012 Appiade:

First place: Proaxia Consulting Group – satisfied customers and a boost in sales for automobile dealerships
The “Mobile Service Advisor” developed for the iPad provides support to customer advisors at car dealerships with so-called dialogue reception, when customers bring their cars in for servicing. The app displays all the requisite information regarding the client and automobile to the employees in customer service from SAP Dealer Business Management, leading them through a process with freely adjustable procedural steps. Graphic 3D models of the automobile and checklists document the condition of the car. In the case of damage, the application automatically generates positions for the repair shop order. In addition, the iPad also displays the current effective sales campaign for the relevant car. The customer can sign the delivery document and repair shop order directly on the iPad. The dialogue reception directly with the customer’s automobile simplifies the admission process and boosts customer satisfaction as well as increases the dealership’s sales, as research indicates. The application is also impressive, with its pronounced attractive frontend.

Second place: Q_Perior – overall view on insurance policyholders
This app – also created for iPad – heralds a brand new era in terms of comfort and customer friendliness for the sale and client management of insurance policies. Insurance company representatives have all the relevant information for customer visits clearly displayed on the screen, providing support for advisory services for the client’s particular situation and precise needs. Graphic illustrations distinctly display at a glance which insurance products the customer has as well as which policies the client has concluded with other insurance companies. The knowledge of the customer’s overall insurance picture paves the way for the insurer to offer new, precise client-specific insurance products and services. This overall view of the insurance policyholder is also integrated with SAP CRM and SAP BI. And an additional advantage is that, while conventional notebooks build a barrier between customer and insurance representative through the positioning of the screen, the iPad enables unhindered, direct communication with the client.

Third place: Novo Business Consultants – more efficient repair service with iPhone
The developer of the third-place app mustered the boldness to place its solution for maintenance specialists and service technicians on the smaller-scale screen of the iPhone. The application reduces order processing times and optimises capacity utilization through improved order sequencing and fewer empty runs. In addition, numerous manual activities are eliminated. Overall, the app results in greater competitiveness since the share of incalculable services is decreased and shorter response times lead to positive feedback. An additional strength of the app from Novo is that it is based entirely on the SAP standard – changes in ERP are eliminated with concurrent maximum release capability and enhanced utilisation of the existing IT infrastructure.

The jury, which comprised mobility experts from SAP in Germany and Switzerland, based its assessment on three key valuation criteria. First, the apps had to decisively improve a business process with measurable effects on market performance, value creation or capital investment. Another decisive factor was providing the users with a new SAP experience. Technological aspects served as the third criteria, particularly including the use of the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) for simple and swift development of applications with which mobile employees are able to access business data anytime and anywhere. SAP plans to certify the winning apps through the Integration and Certification Center (ICC), offering the partner the opportunity to sell its app via the SAP Store.