SAP erbjuder snabbspår till molnet

SAP erbjuder snabbspår till molnet

SAP:s kunder och partner får nu möjlighet att välja en enkel och flexibel
hybridmodell på sin väg mot molnet. Med den nya modellen kan befintliga
SAP-lösningar byggas ut med molnapplikationer, inklusive applikationer från SAP-företagen
Ariba och SuccessFactors.

För kunderna innebär en sådan Bring Your Own License-modell (BYOL) att de
kan byta både programlicens och underhåll i delar av sina befintliga
SAP-lösningar mot en molnprenumeration. Detta ger ett ökat mervärde och
förutsätter en utökad investering i SAP:s molnlösningar.

SAP Offers Fast Track to
Innovation Via a Flexible Path to the Cloud

WALLDORF, Germany — July 24, 2013 — SAP

(NYSE: SAP) is taking the next step to make the recently announced unified cloud
portfolio vision
a reality for customers, putting them in the driver’s seat
for their cloud journey. SAP now offers customers and partners a simple,
flexible model for extending current on-premise solutions to cloud
applications, including offerings from SAP companies Ariba and SuccessFactors.

Based on their existing
investments in SAP® software, customers can decide to reallocate
elements of their installed on-premise solutions to the respective cloud
solutions from SAP, replacing the affected on-premise license and maintenance with a cloud subscription. The transaction assumes an expanded investment with
cloud solutions from SAP, given the substantial added value from this new
hybrid scenario.

Consume Cloud Innovations
at Own Pace

SAP removes barriers and enables customers to
drive speed-to-value and unlock opportunities to lower total cost of ownership,
taking care that existing investments are protected and exploring new options
with innovative cloud solutions from SAP at their own pace. The hybrid solution
can be fully integrated offering seamless delivery and support as well as full
control over the application landscape, including on-premise and cloud
applications. With this integrated approach, customers gain the flexibility,
choice and efficiencies needed to innovate for growth across their entire
business in the cloud.

Unlock Business Value With Flexibility and Ease
SAP® Rapid Deployment solutions for the SAP® Cloud portfolio support the new cloud extension
opportunity. Hybrid deployment scenarios can be quickly implemented based on
packaged content and implementation services in the areas of human resources,
procurement, and business collaboration, among others. The cloud extension
model helps companies of any size create entirely new experiences for their
customers, empower employees at scale, optimize the use of resources and unlock
value for their business.

Proven support offerings from SAP,
including SAP® MaxAttention™ and SAP® ActiveEmbedded services, are available
to support customers in transitioning without disruption, allowing them to
build and run SAP solutions like a factory.

“Enterprises can face significant
hurdles deploying and integrating cloud solutions into very complex IT
ecosystems, so they are looking for pricing and adoption models that offer the
flexibility to drive an extension to the cloud at their own pace,” said
Elaina Stergiades, research manager, IDC. “Adoption models like this from SAP
can help customers streamline their investments in on-premise and cloud
solutions, making it easier and more cost-effective to take advantage of these
new technologies.”

SAP believes that every customer has
a different approach to adopt the cloud innovations based on unique business
requirements. The new cloud extension model is an optional model that flexibly supports many different entry
points for a cloud strategy.

“SAP is delighted to offer this
tremendous opportunity to customers, allowing them to redirect existing investments
to new innovation areas in the cloud,” said Robert Enslin, president of Global Customer Operations and member of
the  SAP Global Managing Board of SAP AG.
“The unified SAP Cloud portfolio significantly expands our customers’ ability
to grow their businesses by offering real-time, secure access to the cloud —
all while lowering the cost of entry and through a great user interface. With
this new cloud extension option, SAP helps each customer create a unique
experience specific to their business requirements.”

This offer is not expected to have
any material impact on the company’s full year 2013 outlook for revenue or
operating income.