Making the Internet of Things (IoT) a Reality


Accenture’s Technology Vision have identified Internet of Things (IoT) as one of the main drivers for the digitalization of our society. IoT is a collective term where devices are able to collect data from its surrounding that then can be further utilized in smart services.

IoT has the potential to transform many industries and the way we interact as consumers. Smart homes help us save water and energy and eHealth revolutionizes health care with for example telemedicine. The application of IoT seems to be never-ending, Gartner estimates that 6.4 billion devices will be in use 2016, up 30% from last year. This means that 5.5 million new devices gets connected every day.

How can your organization realize the business value from an IoT agenda?

Come see us at our booth at SAP Innovation Forum in Stockholm and discuss how your organization can realize the business value from an IoT agenda.

Contact: Jimmy Sundqvist, Accenture