Have You Started the Journey towards Truly Digitizing Your HR and People Processes? | SAP Innovation Forum 2017

More than ever, now is the time to step into the world of digitalized HR services, enabled by modern HCM.

The HR function wants to be seen as a business critical enabler, while delivering world-class HR services to the organization. It needs to cater to very different audiences, basically with a need to deliver efficiently mass customized HR services and at the same time being a change advocate and providing leadership with insight about the current and future state of the workforce. Many organizations are still, however, struggling with their digitalization of HR and providing their managers and employees with needed HCM platforms to take the next step. Also, employees today expect tools that are easy to use and support a mobile way of working.

We have now seen the adaptation of HR solutions from the cloud to surge forward and many organizations have reaped the benefits from modern HCM provided from the cloud. This trend has several drivers – need for better data, old legacy systems, maturing cloud solutions, trend for more user-friendly solutions, mobile workforce and the rise of people analytics, etc. These systems also drive productivity and employee engagement, both which are vital components to manage with the modern workforce.

This has also meant that the cloud HCM solutions have evolved rapidly and now provide the full HCM suite to cater to the needs of the workforce and HR function. Also development of agile project methodologies to implement cloud HCM solutions have made it possible to provide value faster to organizations. Time is money and no organization does want to spend time and resources doing time consuming projects and implementations. Organizations look to gain faster value by digitalizing their HR processes and modernizing the tools with which their workforce are interacting with. However, many are only now taking their first step into this modern, consumerized world of HCM technology and are still exploring the possibilities.

There is a need for an efficient and fast way to get on board and digitize the HR delivery. This means using techniques and tools that will ensure a faster project. At EPI-USE we have the accelerators to speed up the projects and get your digital HR journey started. Why not work with best?

Christian Slöör & Jonas Wahlberg

Blog post’s writers Christian and Jonas work as a Principal Consultant and Solution Architect respectively at EPI-USE.

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