Sweet and Sour of Investing – Part 2

Radiocasts | August 22, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

You’re a game-changer! You’ve created the new product or service of the millennium, but have no money to take it to market.

Your best options: beg your FFF (family, friends, fools) circle, tap an angel for seed money, or convince a venture capitalist to invest millions. Our experts have a lot to say.

Chris O’Connor / Taptera: “You’ve got to have a pretty face (user experience) to get attention; the old ‘desktop’ solution isn’t very sexy with VCs.”

Sanjay Parthawarathy / Investor: “When the VC’s ego is valued higher than the funding, it’s better to look elsewhere.”

MR Rangaswami / Sand Hill Group: “In these frothy financial times, how many entrepreneurs want to use the strategy of a company that is ‘Built to Last’ versus ‘Built to Flip’?”

Gaurav Tewari / SAP Ventures: “Picking the right investor is one of the most crucial decisions for an entrepreneur. If you thought getting married is a commitment, try raising money.”

Join us for more on the Sweet and Sour of Investing – Part 2.

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