Blockchain? Bitcoin? Find Out What Money’s Digital Makeover Means for You

Feature Article — As the switch to digital money via blockchain technology upends modern banking practices, many people are skeptical about whether to trust the security and privacy...

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July 5, 2017 by Jacqueline Prause 271

BlockShow Europe 2017: A Look at Top Use Cases for Blockchain Technology

Feature Article — With people now looking beyond the banking industry for promising use cases built on blockchain technology, BlockShow Europe 2017 could not have come at a...

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April 18, 2017 by Jacqueline Prause 134

Blockchain Marketing: What’s a Fair Price for Customer Data?

Feature Article — For everything from insurance to supply chain management, blockchain technology promises to upend traditional business practices – sometimes in the most surprising ways. Even the...

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March 21, 2017 by Jacqueline Prause 157

Beyond Bitcoin: How The Blockchain Could Disrupt Our Financial System

Feature Article — If you haven’t been paying attention to Bitcoin because you don’t understand how a digital currency might be relevant to your business, you might want...

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August 18, 2015 by Daniel Wellers 31

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