SAP TechEd in 2017: Three Days of Community Innovation That Will Change Your Life

Feature Article — Developers are gearing up for an entirely new dimension of personalized community innovation at SAP TechEd this year in Las Vegas. “We can’t emphasize enough the...

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September 14, 2017 by Susan Galer 44

Attention New Developers: SAP TechEd Debuts Discovery Pass in 2017

Feature Article — Over 400 million people will use mobile augmented reality apps by next year.  About a year later, people will be listening to suggestions on living...

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August 28, 2017 by Susan Galer 20

5 Reasons You Need to Be at SAP TechEd 2017 If You’re a Software Innovator

Feature Article — Having just accepted my invitation to SAP TechEd Las Vegas, I reached out to several folks in the know to find out what’s most exciting...

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July 20, 2017 by Susan Galer 914

Spotlight on Women Leaders at SAP: Diane Fanelli

Feature Article — Diane Fanelli, senior vice president of Global Channels & Digital Enterprise Platform at SAP, hasn’t looked back since trading in her role as the “super...

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March 16, 2017 by Susan Galer 741

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