The Digital Economy: How Organizations Adapt

Radiocasts | June 16, 2015 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: Off-screen

Each day, the power of 1.3 billion people and 9 billion sensors interact in ways we once saw only in the movies:

  • Pilots heroically steering a crowded passenger plane away from an unanticipated volcano eruption.
  • Farmers responsibly feeding billions worldwide with precision farming, saving already depleted natural resources.
  • Consumers rallying in the name of better nutrition to change an unhealthy 130-year-old soft drink recipe consumed worldwide.

Yes, the Digital Economy hyper-connectivity and the data it generates are truly transforming our lives, our society, our planet.

Have you and your business embraced it yet?

The experts speak.                                             

Fabian Cortes, IBM: “Within two years, digital commerce and systems of engagement will drive more IT expenditure than any other enterprise applications.” (Gartner 2011)

Pete Swabey, EIU: “The majority of executives believe that failure to adapt to hyper-connectivity—is the biggest risk their organisation faces.” (EIU 2015)

Dinesh Sharma, SAP: “The Digital Economy is quickly becoming a fact of life for all of us… But when it comes to the business world, the Digital Economy is much more than that – it’s about reinvention.”

Join us for The Digital Economy: How Organizations Adapt.

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