Right Time Experiences: The “Now!” factor of mobile

Radiocasts | September 5, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Right Time Experiences. Huge business potential for you, but mobile solutions require business insight, technical chops and strong design to get it right.

Mike Brinker / Deloitte: “We are leaving the PC Era and entering the Mobile Era of computing, where smartphones, tablets, and other untethered devices will rule.”

Maribel Lopez / Lopez Consulting: “The future of mobile is Right Time Experiences, which enhance business processes by injecting context to provide employees and customers the right information at the point of need.”

Benjamin Robbins / Palador: “Why wouldn’t you want to work from your mobile device?”

Vishy Gopalakrishnan / SAP: “Leveraging context – location, presence, preferences, buying/browsing history – has been around. But the immediacy of consumption that mobile provides, combined with tools to drive real-time, deep, relevant insights, makes the creation and delivery of Right Time Experiences possible today.”

Join us for Right Time Experiences: The “Now!” factor of mobile.

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