Top 5 Apps in February

Feature Article | February 4, 2013 by Alexander Roth, Hannes Beierlein


Here are our top apps for February:

1. SAP Sales Diary from SAP AG

2. SAP Interview Assistant from SAP AG

3. BizCanvas App from RealWat

4. Timesheeter by Zero8

5. TelcoAssist by Stefani Kamphausen


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SAP Sales Diary from SAP AG

The SAP Sales Diary app brings SAP customer relationship management functions to the iPad. This program presents all kinds of information and data from SAP CRM in a simple, clear format, and lets users enter new data or change existing datasets on the go. The menu items – “Meet”, “Note”, “Do”, “Accounts”, and “Documents” – are arranged horizontally, and each item contains an overview list of the most current content. Sales personnel can view and edit content from the company server right down to the lowest level – if they need to add new tasks, change customer data, create appointments, and so on. The “Documents” section offers storage for both multimedia files and MS Office documents.

This SAP app is free for users of the SAP CRM application.

Platform: iPad

Available in the AppStore.

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SAP Interview Assistant from SAP AG

This iPad and Windows 8 app helps managers with the process of evaluating and interviewing job applicants. It runs on the SAP E-Recruiting platform and is part of SAP ERP HCM. The app has access to all the documents in the SAP recruiting system and functions as a mobile, tailored assistant for job interviews. Managers can use it to call up information about applicants, add notes to the existing documents, and provide detailed feedback to the human resources department. The current per-user price quoted in the SAP Store is €75; the program itself is available free of charge from iTunes and the Windows Store.

Watch a demo video here.

Platform: iPad & Windows 8

Available in the AppStore.

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BizCanvas App from RealWat

The Business Model Canvas – particularly popular with start-ups – is a management template for mapping all kinds of business models and company projects in a visually appealing and structured way. Ideal for personal use and for meetings with investors and business partners, model canvases are widely recognized in the international business world as a way of supplying the “big picture”. The BizCanvas iPad app from RealWat is a mobile program that contains pre-configured canvases for business models and ideas of varying complexity and lets you create graphically appealing overviews at the touch of your fingertip. Basic model canvases, like the app itself, are free of charge. More complex canvases are sold separately. BizCanvas, which is currently only available in English, offers numerous functions for editing and linking finished models, along with a Dropbox interface.

Platform: iPad

Available in the AppStore.

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Timesheeter by Zero8

Zero8’s Timesheeter is a powerful and interface-rich time recording app. This free service is designed for the self-employed and for regular employees who wish to track and (optionally) compile statistics for their working hours and projects. The particular strength of this app is that it offers an intuitive and highly configured program that meets an impressive range of time-recording requirements. From a basic time clock to project work, shift work, and overtime calculation, Timesheeter offers a variety of templates and sub-programs and includes functions for inserting and calculating salaries and expenses. Entries and reports can be exported in PDF or Excel format via e-mail, Dropbox, or iTunes, and it is also possible to import datasets. As well as being equipped with an interface to the calendar function on the iPad and iPhone, Timesheeter features a fully customizable main menu.

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Available in the AppStore.

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TelcoAssist by Stefani Kamphausen

Conference calls are part of everyday business life. TelcoAssist by Stefani Kamphausen provides iPhone users with a range of practical functions that make participating in business calls a breeze. From sending out invitations to a call, managing dial-in codes, and issuing automatic notifications, this app handles all the administrative hassle of business calls for you.

From the app’s interface, you can enter dial-in numbers, access codes, and appointments manually, and associate them directly to appointments in your calendar. Alternatively, the app reads numbers and codes from your calendar or e-mails and connects them directly to the selected appointments. As an optional feature, the app automatically notifies you of an upcoming appointment and connects you directly to the conference call without you having to enter any further data. TelcoAssist lets you choose which conference call services to use. All the data you enter is stored locally on your iPhone and, according to the vendor, is not passed on to third parties. The app costs €1.79, requires iOS5 (or later), and is optimized for iPhone5. It also includes a detailed and comprehensive help manual.

Platform: iPhone

Available in the AppStore.

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