UC4 Software Expands SAP Interface Certifications

The three certifications include the UC4.Executor for J2EE/JMX 05, which is integrated in UC4:global and permits complete scheduling of Java applications. The Business Package for UC4:global 60.1, which provides the minimum interface for SAP NetWeaver Portal users, received certification; while the UC4 plug-in for Java IDEs 05 was certified with the introduction of the SAP Developer Studio plug-in certification. The plug-in enables Java developers to integrate UC4:global functionalities into Java applications. “Our three certifications are direct answers to customer requirements,” said Vincent Stüger, senior vice president of product development and marketing. “In order to precisely depict the business processes of a particular company, SAP solutions must be individually expanded. UC4:global ideally supports the numerous possibilities for individualized development.”
For customers, UC4 Software is now assuming a leading role in Java management. The certified UC4.Executor for J2EE/JMX facilitates all the scheduling functions for Java applications, including monitoring the entire J2EE engine and Java Virtual Machine. Besides the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, the UC4.Executor for J2EE/JMX also runs on BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Sun One and Tomcat. An interface for SAP NetWeaver Portal users is an important benefit and result of this latest SAP certification of the Business Package by UC4:global. Via iViews, users can initiate various jobs from within the portal. Additionally, iViews allows for monitoring, planning and use of parameters. Of course, UC4:global still centrally controls the execution and monitoring of tasks.
Designed for SAP NetWeaver Java developers, the certified UC4 plug-in for Java IDEs, when used with UC4:global, provides an object-oriented Java interface that enables extensive features for Java applications. The plug-in delivers rapid and direct integration for Java developers, so internally developed applications can directly access UC4:global functionality. It uses UC4:global to display important information directly in the development environment. “UC4:global offers comprehensive support for SAP NetWeaver and already received the ‘Powered by SAP NetWeaver’ certification. With the three new certifications, we are taking another major step towards greater user friendliness in job scheduling,” according to Stüger. “We are happy that the SAP AG certification has happened so quickly.”

Source: UC4