UK plc “could grow by £350 billion” through collaborative e-business

SAP/Aberdeen Group research highlights potential value of e-enablement

LondonUK businesses could reap huge rewards by forging closer relations with their partners and suppliers, according to joint research by SAP and Aberdeen Group.

The findings of the report highlight the collective growth which could be achieved through collaborative commerce in the UK — an estimated £350 billion could be added to UK GDP. Results have been published in SAP’s new White Paper ‘Collecting the Collaboration Dividend’, which also offers advice on the key areas companies need to focus on when developing a collaborative strategy.

The paper also argues that investment in applications must run alongside a change in business thought and strategy if the move towards extending the enterprise outside corporate boundaries is to be successful. Central to this belief is the fact that the UK holds a high position in the World e-readiness table, but is placed third from bottom in the EU productivity league, ahead of only Greece and Portugal.

“If British companies and the UK Government embrace e-business technologies and the benefits of collaborative business, GDP growth rate could potentially be doubled,” said Frances Howarth, research director e-business at Aberdeen Group.

“If organisations are to prosper in the New Economy, the time to act is now,” said Peter Robertshaw, director of marketing at SAP. “The prospects of a recession, euro compliance and increased competition are forcing companies to rethink the way they do business. This provides a perfect opportunity to invest in a collaborative future. The paper is designed to show organisations what can be achieved by doing this, and how to set about claiming their share of the dividend.”