F1 team accelerates design process with mySAP.com

British American Racing invests in SAP solution in bid to win

LondonFormula 1 team, British American Racing (BAR), has recruited SAP to help its chances in the Formula 1 Constructors’ World championship next year. The SAP solution is being implemented at its factory and head office in Northamptonshire.

mySAP.com is being used by the BAR team to increase the visibility of design change within the entire organisation. There are some 3,000 components on each car, many of which are being continuously redesigned. A number of components are also restricted and controlled to a fixed kilometre-based life expectancy.

With only two weeks in between each race during the Grand Prix season (March to October), there is limited time to turn around the race cars used by Jacques Villeneuve and Olivier Panis. The race cars have to be stripped down, the parts checked and modified, design changes made and testing completed. Tracking parts throughout the organisation is therefore critical.

“Although only a limited number of cars are built each season, the fact that these cars go through so many design changes complicates the manufacturing process. It’s essential that stock levels are proactively managed to ensure that there are sufficient parts to go racing but also to ensure that we minimise wastage given the fact that so many parts quickly become obsolete as a result of redesign,” said Alastair Young, finance director at BAR.

“We initially thought that SAP’s technology was only applicable to much larger companies,” he continued. “BAR is fairly small and the business changes faster than most, but SAP was able to meet our requirements for a flexible and functional system.”

The solution was sold through SAP reseller Ascent Technology, in conjunction with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.

“The SAP solution will integrate management information across all functions and systems, giving everyone in the company access to the data that they require and saving time and effort in the process,” said Alan Miller, SAP sales executive at Ascent Technology.

“Ease-of-use is also crucial in this case, as time is of the essence,” added Jan Dornbach, head of mid-market solutions at SAP. “If the system is not simple to use, it will be avoided in the interests of getting the job done. We’re confident that mySAP will address this need.”