European enterprises look to go mobile

SAP research reveals that 92% of companies seek mobility in their business processes

LondonEuropean companies are increasingly looking for ways to mobile-enable their core business applications, according to a recent survey of medium-to-large enterprises by SAP.

The research also revealed that 98% of companies intend to implement mobile applications that allow employees to interact with CRM, billing, marketing and sales systems, within two years.

The research was conducted across 2,300 companies from a variety of vertical sectors including finance, manufacturing and retail. Respondents were asked to rate the importance of mobile access to business processes from 1 (very important) to 6 (unimportant). 56% of respondents agreed that mobility was very important (1) to their business.

“The research results reveal that companies are beginning to look seriously at how they can use technology to provide their employees with ‘anywhere access’ to their core business systems,” said Manfred Muecke, SAP UK head of mySAP mobile business.

The survey also revealed that it was the applications supporting customer service (59%) and sales (67%) that were most likely to be mobile-enabled. Production systems (17%) and storage facilities (17%) were the least likely.

“The mobile workforce will, at least in the short term, consist largely of sales and support people as these are the ones most likely to be out of the office and needing remote access,” said Muecke. “In the future, however, we can expect virtually all systems to be available on mobile devices as the ‘office’ becomes more and more of a technology hub rather than a working environment.”