West Sussex County Council invests to build foundation for e-Government strategy

PwC and SAP selected to streamline internal processes and improve efficiency

LondonWest Sussex County Council’s e-Government Strategy has taken a step forward with the implementation of mySAP.com solutions for the management and analysis of the Council’s services.

The Ccouncil has selected PricewaterhouseCoopers to work with them it to supply and implement SAP solutions to enhance its management, financial and business related IT systems.

This project, which was launched in April 2001, will act as a catalyst for business change, with the emphasis moving from stand-alone specialist financial reporting to a more flexible management and performance reporting framework. This ties in with West Sussex’s e-Government strategy to redesign and computerise end-to-end processes, enabling citizen contact to be seamlessly and technologically delivered.

The first phase of the project will provide solutions for Procurement, Project Management and Financial processes across the Council.

“It is good news for everyone whether they are served by or work for the County Council,” said Graham Jessop, Head of Financial Services. “This is because we all need better, more accessible services. To achieve this means not just improving the parts people come into contact with, although that is very important, but also making every activity and process involved in providing those services as straightforward and flexible as possible, using technology as the tool to make this happen. This is what e-Government is all about.

“The County Council has recognised that it needs to modernise and transform the way it operates at all levels and this project is the cornerstone of the West Sussex e-Government Strategy that is designed to bring about just such change.

“The SAP solution, implemented by The PwC,/ solution,was chosen from a short list of three and offered a proven partnership. It is consistent with our Strategy and has the capacity for future developments”.

David Harker, PwC Director, said: “The initial implementation will provide an important foundation for the Council’s e-Government Strategy. SAP integrated solutions will enable the Council to derive maximum benefit from its award of Pathfinder funding for developing electronic service delivery to the citizen.”The first phase of the project, costing £4M, will provide solutions for Procurement, Project Management and Financial processes across the Council.

Rachel McClure, SAP Industry Manager, Local Government said: “SAP, in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, looks forward to supporting West Sussex County Council in its e-Government programme. The SAP solution is designed to be flexible and tailored to meet the needs of both the Council and the citizen.”